This year the parades took place in the cities of Gijón and Oviedo

The best images of the central events of the Spanish Armed Forces Day

This Friday and this Saturday the central events of Armed Forces Day were held in Gijón and Oviedo, respectively.

The activities scheduled in Spain on the occasion of Armed Forces Day 2024
75 years of NATO, an Alliance that is the effective shield that protects the West

Among the scheduled activities for those two cities in the Principality of Asturias there were static and dynamic exhibitions, a meeting of military music (in Oviedo), a naval parade and an aerial parade ( in Gijón, this Friday) and a land parade, held today in Oviedo. About the units participating in these events, in this link ( PDF) you can see the press dossier published by the Ministry of Defense.

Yesterday, Casa Real published a very good 11-minute summary of the naval parade, aerial parade and exhibitions in Gijón, events that were chaired by H.M. King Felipe VI:

Today the Royal Family has also published a summary of the land parade in Oviedo:

The Youtube channel of the Ministry of Defense has broadcast live today the land parade in Oviedo. You can see the full video of the broadcast here:

Here we can see a video of the seaplanes of the 43rd Group of the Air Force in the aerial parade over Gijón:

You can see below a selection of photos of these events that have been published by the Royal Family, the Ministry of Defense, the Army and the Air Force:

CL-215T and CL-415 seaplanes of the 43rd Air Force Group in the rehearsal of the air parade on May 23. The air parade over Gijón was attended by 76 aircraft from 30 different units.

Leopard 2E battle tanks and ASCOD Pizarro infantry combat vehicles of the Army in the rehearsal of the land parade held in the port of El Musel, in Gijón.

H.M. King Felipe VI greeting the crew of the aircraft carrier "Juan Carlos I" L-61, flagship of the Spanish Navy, at the naval parade in Gijón, on Friday, May 24. The King presided over the naval parade from the patrol boat "Atalaya" P-74.

The Amphibious Assault Ship "Galicia" L-51 at the naval stop in Gijón.

The frigate "Blas de Lezo" F-103 at the naval parade, with an SH-60 Seahawk helicopter on its flight deck.

An AB-212 "Gato" helicopter from the 3rd Squadron of the Spanish Navy disembarking Marines during the demonstration carried out on San Lorenzo beach, in Gijón, this Friday.

A Navy LCM-1E landing craft disembarking two VAMTAC ST-5s from the Tercio de Armada during the demonstration on San Lorenzo beach, in Gijón, this Friday.

A spectacular acrobatics by the Patrulla Águila of the Air Force during the aerial parade in Gijón, this Friday.

A spectacular jump by the Air Force Parachuting Acrobatic Patrol (PAPEA), carrying the Spanish Flag in Gijón.

H.M. The King reviewing the Royal Guardbefore the start of the land parade this Saturday in Oviedo.

The Patrulla Águila passing over Oviedo during the act of tribute to those who gave their lives for Spain.

The National Flags at the beginning of the land parade this Saturday in Oviedo.

Pipers of the War Band of the "Príncipe" Infantry Regiment No. 3 of the VII "Galicia" Brigade of the Army, the host unit of these events. The aforementioned Regiment is based in the "Cabo Noval" Barracks in Siero (Asturias).

Centauro cavalry recognition vehicles of the Army during the land parade in Oviedo.

Leopard 2E battle tanks of the Army passing before the authorities' tribune in Oviedo.

Members of the Civil Guard during the land parade, wearing their traditional tricorns.

The Legion was represented by legionaries of the Tercio "Gran Capitán" nº1, based in Melilla. They marched, as usual, at their specific pace: 180 steps per minute. It is the unit that parades at the fastest speed in the Spanish Armed Forces.

Soldiers of the Ceuta Regular Group No. 54 in the land parade. They are always the last unit in the parade, carrying a specific pace of 90 steps per minute.

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