The Russian invasion of Ukraine has shown how necessary this organization is

75 years of NATO, an Alliance that is the effective shield that protects the West

This week, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) turned 75 years old. Few reach this age in such good health.

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In recent times, those of us who love Freedom are having great reasons to feel disappointed with some large international organizations. For example, the UN is losing more and more credibility due to the growing weight of communist China in the organization, due to its viciousness against Israel and its lukewarmness against communist and Islamist dictatorships, and due to its wide sleeve with countries that violate human rightswhile their officials seem more concerned with imposing the ideological agendas of the left on us.

Something similar is happening with the European Union, which under the mandate of Ursula von der Leyen is becoming an interventionist megastate that has increasingly less relationship with its founding principles and that It seems determined to undermine the national sovereignty of its members and to persecute conservative governments, while exhibiting an insane passivity in the face of the abuses of an apprentice despot like the socialist Pedro Sánchez.

NATO is the great exception. It arose to defend Western countries against the threat of the Soviet Union and its satellite regimes. When it seemed that this organization had already lost its reason for being, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has shown how necessary the Atlantic Alliance is as a protective shield, something that is demonstrated with the accessions of Finland and Sweden, after the threats launched by Putin on February 25, 2022 against those countries.

In fact, among the countries that value NATO the most are precisely those who have suffered the most from communist tyranny, such as Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Poland, countries that share the misfortune of having Russia as a neighbor. This protective shield is especially effective if we take into account that those who are part of it have not suffered military invasions since they became members, while others (Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) still suffer from the presence of troops Russians on their territory.

In Spain and other Western European countries - with major exceptions such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands - there is usually more criticism of the Alliance, because at the end of the day we have not seen our national security has been seriously threatened for decades. But that sense of security is disappearing as Russian threats to peace in Europe increase.

Obviously, those who hate NATO the most are the enemies of Freedom. It is no coincidence that it arouses special animosity among the extreme left, which has inherited the servility of the old parties towards the dictates of Moscow, and also among a large part of the extreme right >, who has allowed himself to be poisoned by the Kremlin's lies and believes he sees in Putin a moral reference, a myopic vision that usually passes for something that Russia is subject to a mafia and criminal dictatorship that is an ally of other enemies of Freedom like Iran, North Korea, communist China, Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua. It is worth wondering if all of these are also references for that extreme right.

Personally, I celebrate this 75th anniversary of NATO because it is the protective shield of the free world, although this part of the world seems, at times, determined to commit moral suicide. It must be said that not everything is cause for celebration: NATO countries that invest the least in defense, including Spain, have a moral duty to increase that contribution, to protect themselves and their allies , towards whom we have obligations as a member country.

We cannot depend forever on US taxpayers, believing that they have to take on the defense challenges that we do not want to take on. The defense of Europe and the West involves us all, because we are all under the objective of Russian imperialism, although some, due to their ideological blindness, refuse to see it.

Photo: OTAN.

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