It announces “serious military and political consequences” if they join NATO

The Putin regime continues its campaign of terror and now threatens Finland and Sweden

Vladimir Putin's bullying policy will not be satisfied with the invasion of Ukraine, as his regime made clear this Friday.

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Russia threatens Finland and Sweden with "serious military consequences" if they join NATO

According to Sputnik News, a Russian government propaganda website, Russia has threatened Finland and Sweden with retaliation if these countries decide to join NATO. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said:

"All OSCE participating States in their national capacity, including Finland and Sweden, reaffirmed the principle that the security of some States should not be built at the expense of the security of other countries. It is clear that the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO, which is mainly, as you well understand, a military bloc, would have serious military and political consequences that would require our country to take reciprocal measures."

Finland and Sweden are not members of NATO today. In both countries there has been a debate for years about their possible entry into the Atlantic Alliance, a debate that has increased in the face of the Russian attack on Ukraine.

Putin regime emboldened by EU and NATO attitude towards Ukraine

The Kremlin's threats against the two Nordic countries are proof that the Putin regime is emboldened by the insufficient response it has received from the European Union and NATO after the invasion of Ukraine, and already considers itself entitled to decide the foreign policy of neutral countries, even threatening them with military action if they do not comply with its wishes.

This continuation of the Kremlin's campaign of terror against Europe should meet with a strong response from the international community. Putin cannot be allowed to become the Hitler of the 21st century, invading neighboring countries with impunity and massacring his population as he is already doing with Ukraine. Putin must be stopped now, without excluding the military path. We stake the future of Europe on it.

Will they repeat the same lies against Finland and Sweden as against Ukraine?

What remains to be seen now is what Putin's supporters in the West will say now, who have justified the invasion of Ukraine by accusing him of being a corrupt, nazi or undemocratic country, repeating like parrots the slogans launched by the Kremlin propaganda media (keep in mind that in Russia corruption and authoritarianism are the dominant notes of its current political regime). Now will they also start a campaign against Finland and Sweden calling them "nazis" and "corrupt" as they did with Ukraine?


Photo: DPA / Europa Press.

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