In Germany, another Islamist has celebrated the crime, causing a scandal

The details of the Islamist murderer whose attack was whitewashed by junk journalism

Last Friday, a bearded man armed with a knife stabbed several people in the German city of Mannheim.

Junk journalism and the stabbing of several people for criticizing Islam
The attempted murder of a Christian bishop and an elephant invisible to many media

An attack in which the focus has been on the victims

As we already saw here, some media have focused their headlines on discrediting several of the victims, labeling them as "extreme right", when in reality they belong to a democratic organization Pax Europa Citizen Movement, which criticizes the Political Islamand its risks to our security and freedoms. Friday's attack is a fact that fills your criticism with meaning, in case some were not already clear enough after years of massacres perpetrated by Islamist terrorists.

The police officer stabbed by the Islamist died this Sunday

This Sunday, June 2, the German police officer who was stabbed in the neck has dead. Thus, the stabbing attack becomes a murder. The murdered officer is His name was Rouven L. and he was 29 years old.

The accusations of some media against the victims continue

Despite the seriousness of this crime, some media continue to try to cover up the facts by discrediting several of the victims, making accusations of "extreme right" and "Islamophobia". Spanish Television , the socialist newspaper El País, La Vanguardia, Herald of Aragon and Canarias 7 have displayed headlines that put adjectives against the victims but not against the murderer. Reading those headlines, one gets the impression that the victims were provoking the murderer. It is a very clear way to whitewash a crime, in addition to exhibiting infamous bias.

The murderer is an Afghan Muslim who arrived in Germany in 2014

On Saturday, the German newspaper Bild published some information about the murderer. He is called Suleiman A., a Muslim name. He is 25 years old and lived with his wife and two of his children in Heppenheim, a town located 22 km as the crow flies from Mannheim ( 31 km by road). The murderer arrived in Germany from Afghanistan in 2014.

Bild adds: "Suleiman A.'s wife, who always wore a headscarf and glasses, disappeared before the police arrived. It is not clear where she is with the children and if she knew her husband's attack plans." According to the testimonies of neighbors, the murderer would have become radicalized in the last year: "suddenly he became colder. He became more withdrawn. And also more aggressive," says a resident of the same building.

Another Islamist has celebrated the crime, causing a scandal in Germany

This past weekend, in Germany there was a scandal over another Islamist who published a video on Tiktok celebrating Friday's attack and calling for more murders to be committed against "anyone who criticizes Islam" and also pointing out Muslims who have changed their religion or those who lead a lifestyle that is not to the taste of Islamists. These messages have received harsh criticism from almost the entire German political spectrum, except the extreme left.

26 attacks on right-wing AfD politicians in Germany in 2024

Those hate messages and the political scandal they have caused in Germany have not received the attention of the Spanish media. Some are too busy discrediting the victims of the attack and trying to convince us that the real danger is the "extreme right" that receives stabbings and other types of attacks, no matter what the reality is. Yesterday, the German media pointed out that so far this year, politicians from the right-wing AfD party have suffered 26 violent attacks, of which 24 have been classified by the Police as left-wing attacks for political reasons.

Likewise, on Saturday the German media Deutschland Kurier noted that knife attacks increased from 8,160 in 2022 to 8,951 in 2023 in Germany, while knife robberies increased from 4,195 in 2022 to 4,893 in 2023. In total, it is an increase of 1,489 more violent acts with knives in a single year.

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