On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of that Spanish Air Force fighter unit

The flyby of the Patrulla Águila with four Eurofighters over the Albacete Air Base

On Sunday, June 16, the Los Llanos Air Base, in Albacete, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the 14th Wing of the Spanish Air Force.

The visit of the popular youtuber Ángel Gaitán to the Albacete Air Base and Maestranza
TLP: the program equivalent to the Top Gun of the US Navy that NATO develops in Spain

This anniversary was celebrated with an open day that was well attended by the public and had a program that included static and dynamic displays of Spanish Air Force aircraft, including a ground display of one of the Mirage F1s with which the 14th Wing initially operated, one of the units of the Combat Air Command (MACOM) in charge of defending Spanish airspace against any threat.

The most spectacular aerial display was carried out by the CASA C-101 Aviojet of the Patrulla Águila, the fixed wing acrobatic team of the Spanish Air Force, and four Eurofighters of the 14th Wing, who made several formation flights over the aforementioned air base.

The Patrulla Águila has published today a magnificent series of photos of this joint flight, which you can see here. Congratulations to the 14th Wing for these 50 years serving Spain and many thanks to the excellent work that its pilots and ground staff have been doing.

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