A bias that contributes to whitewashing the left no matter what it does

Stonehenge and the complicit bias of many media towards leftist criminals

When it comes to committing crimes, left-wing extremists seem to have a kind of immunity from being criticized by the media.

What is the reality of what many media describe as ‘extreme right’?
The Burgos crime and the difference between the extreme right and the extreme left

It does not matter that you act by peaceful, legal and democratic means: if you are Christian and right-wing, any cause you defend will deserve reproach from the media in the form of labels such as "far-right", "ultra-Catholic", "ultraliberal" or "ultraconservative". Defending life from conception, linguistic freedom or a limited State or criticizing illegal immigration and the Islamization of Europe are examples of the causes that are treated with contempt by many media outlets.

Things change if you are a left-wing extremist and commit a crime. How many media outlets talk about "extreme left" or "far-left" to refer to the things that the most radical left does, even when it comes to of illegal and violent acts? Some even wonder if the extreme left actually exists, as if being on the left automatically makes you a good person and immunizes you against any extremism.

Let's look at an example. Today some environmentalist fanatics have sprayed the megalithic monument of Stonehenge with orange paint, a clear crime against historical heritage that will involve an expensive restoration that British taxpayers will pay for with their taxes. This is how some media have titled this attack against that monument:

  • El País: "Two environmentalists arrested after spraying the Stonehenge monument with orange paint."
  • El Mundo: "Environmental activists spray the Neolithic monument of Stonehenge with orange paint."
  • La Sexta: "Two environmental activists spray orange paint on the Neolithic monument of Stonehenge (England)."
  • Europa Press: "Environmental activists spray paint on the megalithic monument of Stonehenge, in the United Kingdom."
  • El Español: "Video: two activists spray paint on Stonehenge to demand the end of fossil fuels."

Let's now see how these same media refer to Christian or right-wing entities that are democratic and defend their ideas through legal and peaceful means:

  • El País: "Why we call Vox ultra (and not Podemos)."
  • El Mundo: "An 'ultra-Catholic' school holds a conference against abortion."
  • La Sexta: "The international far-right gathers in Madrid together with Vox with proclamations against immigration."
  • Europa Press: "Bolsonaro celebrates the advance of the extreme right in the European elections and assures that it is the "victory of the people"."
  • El Español: "Apotheosis of Milei in the great ultra bullfight of Abascal with Le Pen and Meloni as opening acts."

Surely these are the media that the Sánchez government considers serious and not "pseudomedia", since they contribute to whitewashing the left whatever it does, and at the same time help to demonize those who hold opposing positions on the left.


Photo: Just Stop Oil.

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