The left considers parties that are more democratic than it as 'fascist'

What is the reality of what many media describe as ‘extreme right’?

In recent days, many media outlets have been insistently repeating a term that is increasingly less effective: the "extreme right."

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Today fascist and nazi parties are marginal

Reading some leftist politicians and media, anyone would have the feeling that fascism and nazism have re-emerged in Europe, judging by the comparison between these totalitarian movements and what today they qualify as "extreme right" . However, genuinely fascist or Nazi parties are purely marginal and have no representation in the European Parliament. Yes, there are far-left parties that openly claim communism and that even praise dictatorships of that totalitarian ideology, but the majority of the media does not seem concerned about that, curiously.

The old communist custom of calling a dissident a 'fascist'

It must be said that it is not something new that the left sees fascists where there are none. Let us remember that the first great promoter of the concept of "anti-fascism" was the brutal dictator Stalin, who had no qualms about allying himself with Nazi Germany to jointly invade a Catholic, conservative and democratic country like Poland. Stalin used the term "social fascists" to discredit the social democrats, and in doing so helped the nazis wear down the Weimar Republic, thus contributing to Hitler's rise to power.

The left calls parties more democratic than it 'fascist'

Today, the left's description of "extreme right" is as false and cynical as Stalin's way of stigmatizing his rivals. In fact, among the extreme left there are many more attitudes of hatred, intolerance, violence and even support for dictatorships than among the political parties that she indicates as "extreme right." Just look at the case of Spain: Vox has been suffering for years from a wave of attacks from the extreme left, which accuses this conservative party of being "extreme right" and "fascism", but the truth is that those attacked demonstrate a democratic attitude that the extreme left lacks, since there has not been a wave of violence in the opposite direction. The same happens in other countries.

From the fall of communism to 'cancel culture'

To know what some consider "extreme right" you have to go to the other side of the political map. A few years after the fall of communism in Europe, the extreme left began a process of resurgence that led it to appropriate flags such as feminism, environmentalism, the LGBT movement, etc., imposing an increasingly radical orientation on them. The center-left, first, and then a large part of the center-right have ended up assuming the dogmas of that radicalized left on issues such as abortion, gender ideology, climate catastrophism, etc.

Finally, the left ended up conquering a hegemonic ideological position in the West, especially thanks to its important presence in international organizations such as the UN, in which communist China has been gaining more and more political weight. This led the left to present their ideas as a single thought that no one can disagree with, at the risk of being described as "racist", "xenophobic", "sexist", "retrograde" and "fascist".

This is how we arrive at what is known today as "cancel culture", a setback in freedom of expression that is taking shape in new forms of censorship, especially on social networks (with exceptions like Twitter since the arrival of Elon Musk). This new censorship has turned against that part of the right that has not renounced its conservative principles, that has refused to go through the ideological hoop of the left and that does not want to submit to dogmas from the left. Furthermore, there are other sectors of the political map that have ended up rebelling against that single thought, which no longer only tries to strangle the right, but also anyone who dares to disagree with any of the dogmas of the left.

The rise of a right that does not admit a single thought

Thus, Europe is not experiencing a resurgence of fascism, but the rise of a fully democratic right that has grown tired of having to apologize to the left for disagreeing, that has grown tired of common sense give in to more and more ideological nonsense promoted by socialists and communists, and which political centrism accepts without question so as not to be identified as "fascist."

Democracy is not threatened in Europe by any fascist party, since - I repeat - the authentic fascists and Nazis are marginal. What threatens democracy in Europe is the belief that we all have to assume a single thought that closes in false social debates such as abortion, gender ideology, mass immigration, environmental fanaticism, dissolution of national sovereignty and the imposition of a European Union whose legislative diarrhea and whose desire to control every small aspect of our lives begins to dangerously remind us of the defunct USSR.

An intolerance that only manages to generate more disaffection towards the EU

Designating millions of European democrats as "fascists" or "extreme right" simply because they disagree with the dogmas of the left, as if that made them despicable beings, is a way of showing an intolerant and undemocratic attitude that seems to forget that among our fundamental freedoms is ideological freedom and political pluralism.

Furthermore, the political, economic, moral and social problems that lead those millions of Europeans to vote for the conservative right are not going to disappear for the mere fact that the left and the centrists have decided that You can't argue about certain issues. The only thing they will achieve in this way is to generate more and more disaffection towards the European institutions, which the left and centrism have been appropriating for years with its "grand coalition" as if the European Union were his private property.


Photo: Vox. A Vox party act in the 2024 Catalan election campaign.

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