It is time to return that label to those who deserve it most

Seven useful clues to identify the real extremists on the political map

One of the most widespread fallacies in politics and in the media is the one that qualifies as "extremists" those who defend very legitimate ideas.

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That qualification almost always consists of speaking of "extreme right". For most of the media, the "extreme left" does not exist, no matter how many barbarities that those who deserve to be qualified say say. But if you defend causes as noble as Christian values, the life of unborn children, family, love of country, freedom of education or private property, then they call you "extremist". A qualification that slips by many of us like soap at this point. But it is time to return the adjective to those who really deserve it. We are going to review below some clues that can help us identify the true extremists on the political map, through the things they say and do.

1. Extremist is to support dictatorships, also those of the left

It is very common to see those who call the democratic right "extreme right" supporting communist dictatorships. The reality is that there is nothing more extreme than supporting the totalitarian regimes that still exist (all on the left), including Cuba, Venezuela, China, North Korea, Nicaragua, Vietnam and Laos. Fascism came to an end many years ago, but more than 1.5 billion people, 20% of humanity, still live today under communist dictatorships. And are we going to accept being called "extremists" by those who support these criminal regimes? Well no.

2. Extremist is refusing to condemn the crimes of communism

Today, in our society there is a clear rejection of the crimes of genocide committed by national-socialism, an absolutely just and necessary rejection. The same does not happen with the crimes of genocide committed by the communist dictatorships, which ended the lives of more than 100 million people. To this day, much of the left, even the one that presumes to be "moderate", continues to refuse to condemn these crimes. In March 2021, the entire left -including those who call themselves "social-democrats"- voted against a condemnation of the crimes of communism in the Spanish Parliament, even affirming that the communists were "freedom fighters", despite the fact that this totalitarian movement has sown the world with dictatorships. It is the same left that calls "extreme right" those who do condemn the crimes of communism and those of Nazism. That left is pure and simple extremism.

3. Extremist is promoting hatred of Christianity

Although many ignore it, Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world. Even today, in the face of the ignorance of a large part of humanity, every year thousands of Christians are killed for their faith. Most of the countries in which Christians are persecuted are communist dictatorships and confessional Islamic countries, according to data from the NGO Open Doors. While this is happening, a large part of the western left insists on continuing to promote hatred of Christians, a hatred that not only gives rise to attacks against the faithful of that religion and against their places of worship, but also to the violation of the fundamental right of families to educate their children according to their convictions. What is extremist is promoting and supporting christianophobia, and not the mere fact of wanting to live according to Christian values.

4. Extremist is to call "right" to murder innocents

One of the greatest moral perversions of our time is that which consists in calling "right" or "freedom of choice" the cowardly murder of the most innocent and defenseless human beings: unborn children. Those who promote this crime often do so by trampling on the scientific evidence on the beginning of life, and even denying that an unborn child is a living being, which is the height of nonsense from a scientific point of view. This crime is, today, the largest cause of death of human beings in the world, with 42 million victims a year. To call that "right" or "freedom of choice" is an eyesore. What is reasonable and sensible is to defend life: what is extremist is to support the culture of death.

5. Extremist is to consider legitimate violence against your political rivals

This phenomenon is becoming more and more frequent in the West, and not by the extreme right (purely marginal), but by the extreme left. We saw it in 2020 in the US with the wave of violence promoted by the so-called "antifas", including murders that were whitewashed by some media. We also saw it in Europe with the riots of the extreme left around the same time. And in Spain we have also seen it with the long wave of mafia violence by the far-left against Vox, a right-wing party that defends its ideas through democratic and peaceful means. The attacks against that party were even justified by members of the coalition government formed by socialists and communists and chaired by Pedro Sánchez. They are the same socialists and communists who call those attacked "extreme right".

6. Extremist is putting ideology over biology and health

For the sake of political correctness and gender ideology, we are trying to impose the idea that biology is irrelevant to determining a person's sex and that what is important is their mere self-perception. This anti-scientific nonsense is being imposed in educational centers even at the cost of threatening families who refuse to accept this aberrant indoctrination for their children. Extremism is wanting to impose anti-scientific ideas about sexuality for the sake of gender ideology, violating fundamental rights of people. And the most extreme thing is endangering the health and lives of minors with an infamous and irresponsible promotion of transsexuality in schools, trying to convince children and adolescents who are still intellectually immature to take hormones and undergo operations that have already ruined the lives of many people.

7. Extremist is to believe that there are second-class victims for their sex

So-called "moderates" often establish first-class and second-class victims in domestic violence, to the extent of silence the murders of children committed by women, simply because they do not fit within the ideological concept of "gender violence", which prejudges any violence of a man against a woman as a manifestation of oppression against all women. The promoters of this ideological concept seeked to transfer the marxist thesis of the class struggle to the sexes, and many people who call themselves center and right-wing have allowed this idea to be imposed for fear of being singled out by the left. The same left that has used this ideological concept to violate the right to the presumption of innocence of men and equality before the law, two other fundamental rights that are eroded for the sake of the ideological dogmas of the left.

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