The vehicle was identified by a sticker on its back door, but they did not care

Is this fighting fascism? ‘Antifa’ overturn the car of a disabled person in Paris

The gratuitous violence of the extreme left continues to spread without respecting anything, not even the most vulnerable, as has happened today in the city of Paris.

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The incidents took place during a protest of health personnel in the French capital. A group of hooded far-leftists have caused riots and confronted the Police. During those violent incidents, on Fabert Street a group of extremists overturned a Smart car that was clearly identified as a disabled person vehicle with a sticker on its back door, but the leftist extremists on the did not care. The video has been published by journalist Yazid Bouziar, who has identified the authors of the overturn as “anti-fascist protesters”:

Is destroying the car of a disabled person the idea that they have to “fight fascism”? Once again, it is confirmed that these so-called “anti-fascists” are the same political trash as the fascism they claim to detest.

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