Scandalous wave of manipulation to cover up a crime of the far-left

A man is killed for being a Trump follower and this is how some media give the news

This Saturday the violence promoted by the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States has once again claimed a life, this time in the city of Portland.

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The murdered man wore a cap and a T-shirt from a conservative group

According to Portland Police, at 8:46 p.m., officers heard gunfire in the area of Southeast 3rd Avenue and Southwest Alder Street. Upon arriving at the scene of the events, they found the victim of the shots with a gunshot wound to the chest. Local journalist Aaron Mesh has noted that "the victim was wearing a hat and T-shirt bearing the emblem of Patriot Prayer," a conservative group that supports Trump. This Saturday afternoon, a rally of vehicles in support of Trump had been organized in Portland, which was attacked by left-wing extremists.

Murdered in cold blood after being identified as a Trump supporter

When some already claimed that the shooting victim was caused by a confrontation between Trump supporters and members of Black Lives Matter, Mike Coudrey has published a video of the events, noting the following: "Tonight in Portland BLM terrorists and Antifa murdered a Trump supporter in cold blood. No altercation, no fight. He walked up behind him and assassinated him because of his political views."

Ian Miles Cheong has posted a video of the shooting moment and a transcript of the voices heard in the video: someone yells "Hey! Hey, we got one right here! We got a Trumper right here!" Another person asks: "Right here?" And the two shots are heard. There was no confrontation between the victim and the perpetrators of the shots, it was not a demonstration, the victim was simply walking down the street. It was a cold-blooded murder for political reasons.

Left-wing extremists celebrate the murder

For the avoidance of doubt who is behind this crime, last night left-wing extremists from Black Lives Matter and Antifa celebrated the crime by calling the murdered man a "fucking fascist":

The scandalous manipulation that some media have made

This crime exposed many media that have been supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, presenting this group of violent activists of the far-left as a simple peaceful movement of fighters against racism. So instead of telling his audience that what happened in Portland was the murder of a Trump supporter, this is how some media have released the news:

None of these media speak of murder, despite the fact that the shots were fired in cold blood against a man who was simply walking down the street. In addition, the one who is presented as an extremist is the victim, since at no time do they call the murderers "far-left", but they do try to link the murdered with the extreme right. To make matters worse, their headlines try to present everything as the result of a confrontation, when the video of the events clearly shows that there was no confrontation between the victim and the murderers. Finally, the headlines hide that the victim was a Trump supporter, so that some who read only those headlines are left with the impression that perhaps Trump supporters were the perpetrators of the crime.

That is not journalism: what these media do is disinformation and propaganda of the worst kind. The degree of manipulation to which we are accustomed is already reaching purely emetic extremes. Once again, they show that there are no leftist scoundrels who are not willing to whitewash and manipulate so that their readers end up blaming the right. And then they will still be surprised that journalism is in crisis.


Photo: Centro de Noticias Internacionales. Portland police and medical personnel attending to the shooting victim.

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