He had a patch of the Blue Lives Matter movement, created in 2014, on his leg

The meaning of the flag carried by the Trump supporter murdered in Portland

Crowds of media launched yesterday to defame the man killed in Portland for being a follower of Donald Trump, in a clear crime with a political motive.

A man is killed for being a Trump follower and this is how some media give the news
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They present the murdered as an extremist, and not the murderer

These media have presented the murdered, Aaron "Jay" Danielson, as a right-wing extremist simply because he belonged to a conservative group. For these media there is no far-left - they rarely use that term, not even to refer to the most extreme left - but for them the entire right is "far-right". In fact, no media has portrayed the members of Black Lives Matter who celebrated the murder yesterday as extremists. These fanatics are simply labeled "anti-racists", implying that everyone they attack is a racist. Again, some media don't even bother to hide their ideological bias.

A photo shows the flag that the murdered carried on his left leg

Despite their manipulations, these media always miss some detail. This is what happened yesterday. Associated Press published this photo of the crime victim when he was receiving medical aid:

Many netizens have been struck by the patch that Jay wore on his left leg. You can see it here in more detail:

The Thin Blue Line, the symbol of the Blue Lives Matter movement

Those of us who have been supporting law enforcement for years are very familiar with this symbol. You can see the patch in question here:

It is a black and white American flag with a blue bar in the center. This flag is known as the Thin Blue Line Flag, and there are also versions of it in other countries (I have the version with the Spanish Flag). That thin blue line represents the Police, which is what separates order from chaos. The origin of this expression, apparently, is in the 1950s, when the NBC channel aired a program entitled "The Thin Blue Line" about the Los Angeles Police Department.

That version of the American flag has been in use since 2014, when the Blue Lives Matter movement appeared, dedicated to supporting the Police and honoring officers who have fallen in the line of duty. That is to say, that the man killed in Portland and presented by the media as a far-rightist, was actually a defender of the Police. One more media lie that remains on the floor.

Here's how the mayor of Portland has been erasing that thin blue line

It so happens that Portland Mayor, Ted Wheeler, of the Democratic Party, has been allowing the far-left to roam freely in the city for several months now. I already showed you in June the chaos that was organized in Portland. Yielding to the pressure of the violent, on June 9 Wheeler announced that he would dissolve two units of the Portland Police, one of them specialized in dealing with armed violence. On June 18, the Portland City Council slashed police funding by $ 15 million, while the violent far-left took over the city. On August 28, Wheeler turned down Trump's offer to send federal agents to restore order in Portland.

After all that, at a press conference yesterday, Wheeler blamed Trump for the violence in Portland, that violence that the Democratic mayor has tolerated and encouraged with his cessions to the far-left and his cuts to the Police. If Aaron "Jay" Danielson was murdered it is because that irresponsible mayor decided to dispense with that thin blue line that protects citizens from chaos. Yesterday many Americans asked on Twitter for Wheeler's resignation, with good reason. No city deserves to have a mayor who unleashes gangs of far-left thugs while tripping the police.

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