A murder reveals the infamous ideological bias of many media

The Burgos crime and the difference between the extreme right and the extreme left

Last Saturday, a man from Valladolid was murdered in Burgos by a young man who punched him very forcefully without provocation.

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The perpetrator of the crime is linked to the extreme left

The murder has shocked those two Spanish cities. Regarding the possible motive for the crime, yesterday it was learned that the murderer was carrying leaflets of an extreme left group at the time of his arrest. At this point, surprise has come about in some newsrooms: media that never talk about "extreme left" have finally dared to use that expression to place the author of the fatal punch there.

It is curious to see that these media have finally dared to use an expression that until now is almost taboo, despite the fact that Spain has far-left politicians and parties in its institutions and even in government. Let us remember that Spain is the only country in the European Union that has communists in its government, and refuse to describe communism as "extreme left", despite being a totalitarian movement that has killed to more than 100 million people and has sown the world with dictatorships, it is one of the most common juggles of the Spanish media.

To be designated as 'extreme right' you only have to disagree with the left

There is something that deserves reflection about the double standards of the Spanish media, and also of many foreign media, when talking about extremes in politics. Many media outlets have been describing democratic and peaceful people, parties and associations as "extreme right" for decades. This qualification is made against them in an increasingly blatant attempt to demonize those who defend approaches contrary to the dogmas of the left or separatismon issues such as abortion, gender ideology, language policy or national unity.

The patent of marque of the extreme left in the media

On the contrary, those same media never call "extreme left" parties that support communist dictatorships, which demonstrate with terrorists (as a communist minister did a month ago), which support antisemitic marches, which justify attacks against political rivals (as two Podemos ministers did in the last legislature) and that praise mass criminals like Lenin, as did last month the party to which the two communist ministers of Pedro Sánchez's government belong.

The basic differences to deserve the label of extremist should be the justification of violence for political purposes, support for undemocratic regimes and methods or inciting hatred against certain people because of their race, their nationality, their social class or other condition. However, if all this is done by a socialist or a communist, the media avoids the term "extreme left", because for many years for the left and its extremists there has existed a kind of patent of marque that frees them from reproaches even for the most aberrant positioning.

Disagreeing with the left is on the same level as committing a crime

So, to be "extreme right" you only have to disagree with the left (as if the mere fact of contradicting the ideological dogmas of socialists and communists were something to be criticized), but to be " extreme left" you must have murdered someone.

It is a repugnant double standard that reveals the scandalous bias of many media, but it must be said that it is not something new: it is the same double standard that is applied to Christians and Muslims , calling "ultra-Catholics" people who defend their faith coherently and without harming anyone, and at the same time avoiding expressions such as "ultra-Islamic" andlimiting the expression "Islamist" for those who dedicate themselves to the practice of terrorism.

An infamous bias that is feeding the extreme left

What some media are doing with this infamous bias is, precisely, fueling the violence of the extreme left, by transmitting the idea that being on the right and disagreeing with the left is something as extremist as being on the left and murdering someone. Journalism is one of the professions in which there is a greater proportion of left-wing people, and the bias of many journalists is helping to feed monsters like the one who murdered that man in Burgos, whitewash the extreme left as they have been doing in Spain for many years.


Photo: Pierre Gautheron / Streetpress.com. An archive photo of the ultra-left Black Block.

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