A review of the false moral superiority of socialists and communists

The only lessons the right-wing could but should never learn from the left-wing

The left-wing has assumed a false moral superiority, according to which all its actions are justified by good intentions.

The more than 100 million deaths that communism caused, divided by countries
Communist dictatorships established in the world from 1917 to the present

For many years, the left has not pretended to be valued for its actions, but for those supposed good intentions, a trick that serves to hide a long series of crimes and abuses. On the contrary, the left wants the right to always be judged as guided by bad intentions, even if the facts say otherwise.

According to this distorted image of reality, the left-wing identifies itself with tolerance, equality, progress and science, while the right would be the personification of the complete opposite: intolerance, inequality, regression and obscurantism. It is a crude caricature of reality designed to impose on the left as a single thought, to make us believe that beyond socialism and communism everything is fascism, when in reality fascism is a nationalist form of socialism.

From this false moral superiority, the left tries to instruct the rest of society on all kinds of moral issues, with the aspiration that we assume that the only correct and admissible position in a democratic society is the one held the left.

It's time to say no. The left does not have any moral lessons to give to the right, especially taking into account the history of dictatorships, intolerance, terrorism, torture and all kinds of human rights violations that the left has been perpetrating. Atrocities that the left has even taken to the womb, directing them against the most innocent and defenseless.

Among the only lessons that the right could but should never learn from the left are the following:

  • Massacring more than 100 million peopleand having the audacity to present themselves as defenders of human rights, which is what the communists continue to do today.
  • Establish dictatorships and call them "democratic republics", the name that the communists gave to huge prisons like the one they established in East Germany.
  • Build a wall to prevent people from escaping and call it an "anti-fascist protection wall", which is what the communists did in Berlin, in a crude attempt to whitewash their dictatorship.
  • Persecute and murder scientistsfor not bowing to communist dogmas, as the Soviet Union and other Marxist dictatorships did.
  • Organize terrorist groups and murder thousands of innocent people, as the extreme left has done with criminal groups such as ETA, the GRAPO, the Shining Path, the FPLP, the ELN, the FARC, the Red Brigades, the Fraccion of the Red Army, and others. Let us remember that Communist terrorist gangs are only outnumbered by Islamist ones today.
  • Ruin entire countries, even countries with great oil wealth like Venezuela, plunging millions of people into poverty and hunger, and all this for the sake of an ideology, socialism, whose economic recipes have systematically failed around the world.
  • Violate judicial independence, as socialism has been doing for decades in Spain, pushing a European democracy towards an increasingly authoritarian drift.
  • Allying with terrorists, as the Spanish left has done with the sympathizers of ETA criminals, doing them all kinds of favors and humiliating his thousands of victims.
  • Refusing to condemn the crimes of genocide of communism, as the Spanish left did two years ago, in a session in which it had the audacity to call "freedom fighters" to the members of that criminal totalitarian movement.

This and much more is what the left truly represents, an ideological movement driven by hatred, resentment, sectarianism and an evident contempt for freedom. We must not admit any lessons from that left, because in the good we have nothing to learn from it, and in the bad we should never follow in its footsteps.


Image: Chapc / Gettym Images.

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