She did it precisely on the day that remembers the victims of the Holocaust

Spain: a Sánchez minister attends a march organized by an antisemitic terrorist group

The complicit attitude of Pedro Sánchez's government towards terrorism has broken a new and nauseating record today in the city of Madrid.

The Sánchez government allows a march of a Palestinian terrorist group in Madrid
Israel criticizes that Sánchez's Govt allows PFLP terrorists to demonstrate in Madrid

A march by a terrorist, anti-Semitic and denialist group

The Sánchez government authorized for this Saturday a march in Madrid called by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a group that appears in the European list of terrorist organizations. It is also an anti-Semitic and denialist group, as demonstrated by the statements made in June 2009 by Anwar Raja, representative of the PFLP in Lebanon, in an interview in which he denied the murder of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust, accusing Jews of "falsifying history" and stating that "Hitler was nothing worse than the current American administration."

Furthermore, this march was called with the slogan "Palestine free from the river to the sea", an antisemitic slogan that seeks the elimination of the State of Israel. Let us remember, in fact, that the PFLP has been committing criminal acts against the Jewish community, such as the attack on a synagogue in West Jerusalem on November 18, 2014, in which four Jews were murdered and eight were injured .

A Sánchez minister attended the march called by the PFLP

It is scandalous that a government that calls itself democratic authorizes a march like that, called, to make matters worse, on the same day that commemorates the victims of the Holocaust, the genocide perpetrated by the nazis in which they were six million Jews murdered. But even more scandalous is to see that a minister of Sánchez's government, the communist Sira Rego, has attended that march holding one of the banners, the one carried by the communist coalition Izquierda Unida, one of the brands electoral of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE). IU Madrid has published this photo of the minister at that march:

Izquierda Unida has published this other photo in which the minister appears holding the banner in that march:

We are witnessing something unprecedented in Europe: it is the first time that a member of a European Union government attends a march called by a terrorist group, classified as such by the EU itself. A march authorized by the government itself and called by an antisemitic group that denies the Holocaust, whose victims we remember precisely today. The government of Pedro Sánchez has surpassed all the marks of moral misery.

ACOM: “The situation in Spain is very serious”

The Jewish association ACOM has denounced this afternoon: "The minister of Pedro Sánchez's government, Sira Rego, demonstrates in Madrid summoned by the bloodthirsty terrorists of the PFLPand with a slogan that calls for the annihilation of the state of Israel and the genocidal extermination of its citizens. The situation in Spain is very serious."

The links of the PCE with the PFLP

As we already saw here, the PCE, to which ministers Sira Rego and Yolanda Díaz belong, has public links with the PFLP, which he has classified among his "organizations sisters" and which he openly praised in December 2022 from his official magazine, "Mundo Obrero" .

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