Scandalous message from the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) on Twitter

The party of two Pedro Sánchez's ministers praises the bloody dictator Vladimir Lenin

While Pedro Sánchez's government boasts of "democratic memory", some of its members praise brutal dictators.

Lenin: numbers, data and images of the crimes of the first communist dictator
The party of two Pedro Sánchez's ministers admits that it is inspired by a dictatorship

On January 1, the PCE praised the Cuban communist dictatorship ...

Spain is the only government in the European Union in which there are members of a communist party. They are, specifically, the second vice president and Minister of Labor Yolanda Díaz, who has been a member of the government since January 2020, and Sira Rego, Minister of Youth and Children since the past month of November. Both are affiliates of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE), which on January 1 he confessed that he was inspired by the Cuban communist dictatorship on the occasion of the anniversary of his coming to power, a power that it has held for 65 years without free elections, without civil liberties and violating the most basic human rights.

... and yesterday it praised the bloody Russian communist dictator Vladimir Lenin

Yesterday, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the death of the bloodthirsty Russian dictator Vladimir Lenin, the PCE published a message on his Twitter account praising this mass criminal, about which he states the following: "The Russian Revolution, organized by the Bolshevik Party under his leadership, opened an era of liberation unprecedented for the working class and the people. His work and example are a guide for those of us who fight for socialism."

Lenin came to power with a coup d'état and established a regime of terror

Given this shameless praise of a criminal like that, it is necessary to remember that Lenin came to power through a coup d'état that liquidated the newborn Russian democracy, eight months after Tsar Nicholas II was overthrown. After seizing power,Lenin established the world's first communist dictatorship. His first measure was to approve a press censorship law, in order to silence his political rivals. In addition to this, Lenin's dictatorship created a brutal political police, the Cheka, and a network of concentration camps, the Gulag. In October 1923 the Gulag already had a total of 315 camps with 70,000 political prisoners.

In just three years Lenin multiplied by 18 the dimensions of the repressive apparatus of tsarism. His Cheka used the most savage torture methods against political rivals and Christians, and unleashed a religious persecution in which between 14,000 and 20,000 priests were murdered. The different religious denominations were not the only target of this regime of terror: Lenin encouraged the mass execution of strikers, leading to mass killings of dissatisfied peasants and workers.

Lenin's dictatorship murdered more than a million people in six years

In just over six years that Lenin was in office, his dictatorship murdered more than a million people for political reasons, and also unleashed famines that killed between 3.9 million to 7.75 million people, through a policy of requisitions that sought to use hunger for political purposes. With his way of proceeding, Lenin proved to be an unscrupulous man, who used crime as a tool to impose his will, creating the first totalitarian regime of the 20th century.

Lenin invaded ten countries and annexed six of them

Furthermore, between 1918 and 1922, Lenin's army attacked Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Republic of the North Caucasus Mountains (which had declared their independence in 1918 after the fall of Tsarism), and supported local communists in attempting to overthrow the newborn democracy in Finland and annex that country. Of all those countries, Lenin's dictatorship annexed Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Republic of the North Caucasus Mountains . This is what the PCE calls "liberation" of the people.

The silence of the Spanish media in the face of this message from the PCE

It is terrible and alarming that there are admirers of a bloodthirsty dictator in a government that calls itself democratic. But even more surprising is the silence of the media on the matter, perhaps too busy attacking and demonizing the democratic right of Vox to pay attention to the things that the party of two ministers says. Although this message was published yesterday, no Spanish media has published news about these new praises of the PCE for Lenin. Does it seem normal to them?


Photo: Pavel Zhukov. Vladimir Lenin in July 1920.

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