Socialists and communists agree on an aberrant amendment against men

Spanish left prepares a law that discriminates against those who claim to be men

When the ideological nonsense of socialists and communists seems to reach its peak, they always end up breaking another mark of irrationality.

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According to Europa Press, this Thursday the Congressional Equality Commission approved the opinion of the parity law, a norm whose official name, according to in the Official Gazette of the Cortes Generales, is "Draft Organic Law of equal representation and balanced presence of women and men". The Popular Party and Vox voted against, while the PSOE and its allies voted in favor.

This law intended, or so we were told, to establish a balanced representation of men and women in governments, boards of directors of large companies (both public and private), electoral candidates and constitutional bodies. The reason for this law is openly contrary to the constitutional right to equality before the law, protected by Article 14 of the Spanish Constitution:

Spaniards are equal before the law, without any discrimination due to birth, race, sex, religion, opinion or any other personal or social condition or circumstance.

The idea of ​​parity that the left supports has nothing to do with this right to equality, and even contradicts it. This idea of ​​parity considers that certain people are not valid to occupy a certain position due to their sex, and by doing so violates Article 14 and the right of Spaniards to equality before the law.

But it was not enough for the left to distort the right to equality turning it into an absurd parity, as if this right were affected by the fact that there are six men and three women on a board of directors . According to Europa Press, the socialists of the PSOE and the communists of Podemos have agreed on a crazy amendment, which states: "the criterion of equal representation and balanced presence between women and men may not be applied, in in line with the principle of positive action, when there is a representation of women greater than 60%, which, in any case, must be justified."

In short, there could be 100% women in the aforementioned organizations, but not 70% men, since this curious concept of parity would only be applied to the detriment of men. If this norm already violated the right to equality with its absurd concept of parity, now this law is even more discriminatory than before.

Furthermore, if we take into account that biological sex is now irrelevant for legal purposes in Spain under the crazy trans law passed last year (which requires that a person be legally treated by "gender" self-perceived), the result is that this new "parity law" will discriminate against those who declare themselves men, whether they are or not.

The ideological nonsense of the left opens the door to more absurd situations like the ones we are already experiencing due to the trans law. For example, a board of directors may be made up of 100% men as long as they declare that they perceive themselves as women and request the corresponding change in the Civil Registry. But if they say they perceive themselves as men, then the composition of that council would be illegal. It's all so ridiculous that you don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Once again, socialists and communists are dedicated to imposing their stupidities on the entire Spanish society, approving norms that completely ignore reason, the general interest, the Constitution and common sense. Little by little they are demolishing democracy in Spain.


Photo: Europa Press. Ione Belarra, deputy and general secretary of Podemos, with Pedro Sánchez, general secretary of the PSOE.

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