The PP and the PSOE agree to divide the General Council of the Judiciary

After the betrayal of the People's Party in Brussels and Poland, it is the turn of Spain

There is a farce in politics in Europe that makes many believe that the European People's Party (EPP) and the Socialists are rivals.

The European scam of socialists and those who only pretend not to be socialists
The deception of the 'Grand Coalition' of Brussels that only Vox is denouncing in Spain

The 'grand coalition' of socialists and popular in Brussels

This farce has been dismantled by the "grand coalition" of popular and socialists in the European institutions an alliance that began decades ago but that many media related to both groups deliberately hide. How many European citizens know that supposedly enemies have been governing the EU together for many years? How many of those citizens would reconsider their vote if they knew?

According to Euronews, that great coalition will be repeated this legislature, again with Ursula von der Leyen at the head of the European Commission. The German politician is a member of the CDU, a party associated with the European People's Party, but in practice she has been acting as just another socialist, as was evident in the last legislature with her political persecution against Poland and Hungary and as is evident again with its stony silence in the face of Pedro Sánchez's infamous amnesty law, which leaves serious crimes of corruption and terrorism unpunished, with the sole purpose of guaranteeing the re-election of the Spanish socialist leader.

The coalition government of popular and socialists in Poland

The European institutions are not the only place where this farce has been exposed. Last year, a coalition of the Citizens Platform (Polish partner of the EPP) and socialists came to the government of Poland, after an electoral victory by a simple majority of the conservatives of the Law and Justice party (Polish partner of the ECR , the European parliamentary group of Vox). Thus, in Poland the EPP partners govern together with the left and with the right in the opposition. The current Polish Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, is the head of a coalition that has completely destroyed the false image of the EPP as a "center-right" option.

Popular and socialists divide the Judicial Power in Spain

However, in Spain this illusion remains, fueled largely by the People's Party (PP) and its related media, which in all electoral calls try to convince us of the need to concentrate the vote in the PP to confront the left, stating that it is the "useful vote." Then what happened with the PP government with Mariano Rajoy, which left all the socialist ideological laws intact, including the perverse law that converted prenatal murder into a "right."

Today, in one more step, the PP and the socialists have reached an agreement to share the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ). It was the last institution that the socialists had not yet managed to assault. The PP has had the cynicism to defend this pact with a message in which he states: "It guarantees independence, eliminates political control and ensures a balanced composition of the CGPJ." The Half of the councilors will be appointed by the PSOE and the other half by the PP: what independence is that? Once again, the PP has made it clear that it is not an opposition party to the left. The People's Party acts as an accomplice of the socialists, making its voters believe that they are rivals. The most honest thing would be for both parties to run together in the elections and thus stop deceiving millions of voters.


Photo: Partido Popular. Meeting of the president of the People's Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, with the general secretary of the Socialist Party, Pedro Sánchez, on December 21, 2023.

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