It has sent the Police and has interrupted the broadcasts of two channels

The new Polish government of populars and socialists illegally assaults the Polish TV

Poland is experiencing something very similar to a coup to the rule of law, just like in Spain, and also with the socialists as allies.

Poland could be governed by an alliance of partners of the Popular Party and socialists
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A new government of populars with the heirs of the communist dictatorship

However, in this case the main protagonist is the Platforma Obywatelska (PO, Citizen Platform), headed by the new prime minister, Donald Tusk. These are the Polish partners of the European People's Party, which lost the legislative elections in October, but governs thanks to an alliance with the socialists, after the conservative party Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (PiS, Law and Justice), won those elections but without a sufficient majority to govern alone.

The new Polish government is made up of members of up to five political parties, ranging from the PO to the Socialists of Nowa Lewica, a coalition of which the Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej (SLD, Alliance of the Democratic Left), Polish partner of the PSOE and heir to the single party of the communist dictatorship that disappeared in 1989. Like Pedro Sánchez in Spain, after losing the elections Tusk has set out to colonize the institutions, starting with the public media.

The new government sends the Police to illegally assault the TVP

This Wednesday, the Tusk government has sent the Police to literally assault Polish Television (TVP) and has interrupted broadcasts, suppressing the TVP World channel, which has been broadcasting information to the world about Central Europe for years, warning of the dangers of authoritarian regimes such as Russia, Iran and China. Now authoritarianism has crept into Poland, with the blessing of the Brussels elites.

The scenes seen today in Poland are unprecedented in democratic Europe, unless we refer to the coup d'état of February 23, 1981 in Spain, when some soldiers attacked public media. In this video, published by Mariusz Kałużny, PiS deputy, we see police vans heading to the TVP headquarters on Woronicza Street in Warsaw:

During the assault and in the following hours there were moments of great tension:

Protests in the streets and in Parliament: "Down with communism!"

Faced with these serious events, a crowd has demonstrated in front of the TVP headquarters with shouts of "Niech żyje Polska!" (Long live Poland), waving Polish flags, as we see in this video from Telewizja Republika:

In the Sejm, the lower house of Poland's Parliament, opposition deputies have protested, shouting "Przecz z komuną!" (Down with communism), as we see in this video by Sebastian Łukaszewicz:

The new government has ignored an order from the Constitutional Court

The new government's intentions to take over public media were already known days ago. PiS appealed this assault to the Constitutional Court, which on January 16 will evaluate its constitutionality: "Until the decision is made , suspended all decisions regarding national media", Polish Radio noted last week.

Ignoring the instructions of the Constitutional Court, the Tusk government has dismissed the directors of the TVP, Polish Radio and the Polish News Agency (PAP), as well as all members of their supervisory boards. All this without passing new laws or going through any procedure in the Sejm.

The president of Poland accuses the government of "violating constitutional principles and the law"

The reactions to this illegal assault have not been long in coming. The President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda (of the PiS), has declared this afternoon:

"A political objective cannot constitute an excuse to violate constitutional principles and the law. Therefore, in relation to today's actions of the Minister of Culture regarding public media, I ask Prime Minister Donald Tusk and the Council of Ministers to respect the Polish legal orderThe entire Council of Ministers took the oath referred to in article 151 of the Constitution, undertaking in particular to be faithful to the provisions of the Constitution and other laws of the Republic of Poland."

Mateusz Morawiecki: "We will not allow the construction of a dictatorship in Poland"

Former Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, from PiS, who has gone to the TVP headquarters to show his solidarity with its employees, has declared:

"The illegal actions of the Minister of Culture in relation to TVP, Polish Radio and PAP show how the authorities who supposedly care about the rule of law violate it at every step. And they only govern for a week... We will not give up. We will not allow the construction of a dictatorship in Poland."

Strong statement of condemnation from the Association of Polish Journalists (SDP)

The Association of Polish Journalists (SDP) has issued a statement in English in which it states that it "strongly opposes the unlawful actions taken by Donald Tusk’s government against the public media, which are taking place today, i.e. December 20, 2023. These are: unlawful dismissal of public media authorities by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, unlawful appointment of new public media authorities, unlawful invasion to the headquarters of public media – TVP and PR unlawful shutdown of TVP INFO, TVP WORLD transmitters and unlawful shutdown of website." The SDP adds:

"The government took these illegal actions on the basis of the Parliament’s resolution of December 19.2023. Under current Polish law, changes in the public media can only be made on the basis of an ACT passed by the Houses of Polish Parliament and signed by the President of the Republic of Poland."

The SDP denounces "outrageous violations of the standards of a democratic state"

The SDP also denounces that "illegal actions are accompanied by outrageous violations of the standards of a democratic state", by introducing new directors illegally appointed by the government into the TVP "with help of security companies. In the course of this illegal intrusion, members of the Parliament were battered." The SDP also claims:

"These barbaric actions are an assault on freedom of speech and journalistic independence. Members of Bard of Polish Journalists Association once again stress that all these actions are illegal and will result in criminal prosecution."

The SDP appeals "to the President of the Republic of Poland, who is the guarantor of compliance with the Constitution and observance of fundamental civil rights, to take immediate action to prevent a hostile takeover of public media in Poland."


Photo: PAP. Members of the Polish Police at the headquarters of Polish Television in Warsaw, after the assault ordered by Donald Tusk's government.

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