Spain and Poland are two clear examples of the leftist turn of the EPP

Fake right and culture of death: the European People's Party and its pro-abortion drift

There are many people who continue to believe that the European People's Party is made up of right-wing or center-right formations.

Abortion: Poland rejects a bill that called for unprotecting all human life in its beginnings
Shameful pamphlet of the People's Party and the left to impose abortion in Poland

The pro-abortion positions of the European People's Party

The clearest proof of the falsehood of that right can be found in its position on abortion and the defense of human life. In 2021, the European People's Party (EPP) supported an initiative to impose abortion in Poland, an infamous text that rejected the judgment K 1/20 of the Polish Constitutional Court that prohibited eugenic abortion in that country. EPP MEPs voted the same as the docialists and communists, in order to subject the Polish people to the ideological dictates of the left and force them to give up unprotected unborn children strong>, bypassing their national sovereignty.

In February 2023 the scene was repeated: the EPP voted in favor of a resolution that calls abortion a "fundamental right", that is, the act of killing unborn children. As had happened before, and while in their respective countries they pretend to be the political rivals of the left, EPP MEPs once again joined their votes with those of the socialists and communists to support the "culture of death", as Saint John Paul II rightly defined the promotion of abortion in our society in his encyclical "Evangelium vitae" in 1995.

The pro-abortion turn of the Partido Popular in Spain

At the national level, the member parties of the EPP have been staging this pro-abortion turn more clearly in recent times. Last month in Spain, the Partido Popular (PP, People's Party) blessed the 2010 abortion law, promoted by the socialists, a a gesture qualified by a bishop as a "total and utter betrayal". A betrayal announced for years, yes: the PP ruled Spain twice by an absolute majority (2000-2004 and 2011-2015) and on both occasions it left intact the abortion laws promoted by the left. As a result, more than 1.1 million unborn children were murdered during the PP governments.

The Platform Obywatelska and its support for abortion in Poland

The case of the Spanish PP is not something isolated. In Poland, Polish EPP partners supported a far-left abortion riot in 2020 that included raids on Catholic churches. The Platforma Obywatelska (PO, Citizen Platform), as the Polish brand of the EPP is called, had held very different positions on this issue years ago, but over time has followed a line very similar to that of its Spanish partners. One of the clearest examples of the pro-abortion drift of the PO could be seen in June 2022, when almost all the deputies of that party supported an initiative to protect the life of the unborn in Poland, an initiative that was rejected with 265 votes against, 175 votes in favor and 4 abstentions. Joanna Fabisiak was the only PO MP to vote against.

This Saturday, the PO imitated the pro-abortion turn of the Spanish PP. The President of the Platform, Donald Tusk, openly defended an abortion legislation for Poland that leaves unborn children unprotected in their first 12 weeks of existence. A law like this would go against the Polish Constitution, as stated by the Constitutional Court of that country in the aforementioned sentence when they considered eugenic abortion as incompatible with the fundamental law of the country.

The alliance of the PO with the left-wing in Poland...

The PO's pro-abortion turn comes as no surprise: that party contested in the last Polish general elections in coalition with post-communists and far-left greens, in October 2019. A few months earlier, the PO had fact a similar coalition for the last European elections. Thanks to this alliance, Leszek Miller, former leader of the single party of the Polish communist dictatorship, became an MEP at the hands of the PO.

... and the possible pact of the PP with the socialists in Spain

In Spain, the Partido Popular does not contemplate an alliance like that before the elections, but after. In January, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, president of the PP, opened the door to a pact with the socialists of the PSOE, with whom the PP already shares a considerable portion of its ideological theses (abortion, ideology gender, environmental alarmism, third wave feminism, etc.). Despite this, many people continue to believe that the PP is a center-right party, a confusion to which both that party and its related media contribute, which continue to try to capture right-wing votes so that they the PP continues to carry out left-wing politics. Just like their Polish partners, but more successful than them.


Photo: Efe. Donald Tusk, Chairman of Platforma Obywatelska (PO), the Polish partner of the European People's Party.

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