They attack sovereignty judicial and independence to impose their agenda

Shameful pamphlet of the People's Party and the left to impose abortion in Poland

The eagerness of a part of the European Parliament to impose its ideological agenda on the member countries has led to a scandalous resolution this Thursday.

Poland is not alone: manifesto against Brussels' attack on national sovereignty
Nine European countries that prioritized their sovereignty over the EU before Poland

A very serious attack on the Polish constitutional institutions

In said resolution (you can read it here) the Polish Constitutional Court (TK) is described as "illegitimate" and it is further stated that "not only lacks legal validity and independence, but is also unqualified to interpret the Constitution in Polan", all this by ruling K 3/21 in which the TK set limits to the powers of the EU, in the same line as nine other European countries whose courts prevailed their national law over community law. Germany is, in fact, the country that has established this principle the most times, with 19 rulings from its Constitutional Court.

The resolution brings to light the true cause of the attack: abortion

Making clear what all this is about, the resolution attacks the K 1/20 ruling of the TK prohibiting eugenic abortion in the country. The text accuses the sentence of "illegitimacy" and affirms that the restrictions that the TK placed on abortion - which it cynically refers to as "reproductive health and rights" - "are unlawful." In other words, the European Parliament not only tramples on the judicial independence of Poland, but also intends to impose abortion on the Polish people by going beyond their national sovereignty.

They subject the Polish people to political blackmail

As if these serious claims were not enough, the resolution criticizes that the TK has gone from "an effective guardian of the Constitution into a tool for legalising the illegal activities of the authorities."

In addition, the resolution subjects the Polish people to blackmail by threatening retaliation if they do not comply with the wishes of the European left and centrists, retaliation that includes paralyzing the European recovery funds announced to alleviate the crisis caused by the pandemic. In other words: the EU takes the Polish people hostage to impose on its Parliament dictates that are contrary to its national sovereignty and that violate its judicial independence.

Socialists, Communists and the Popular Party have supported this pamphlet together

This scandalous resolution has been supported by socialists, communists and the European People's Party, the latter in a new betrayal of its voters. The text, both for its content and its style, is a pamphlet and improper text for a legislative chamber such as the European Parliament and places the European Union on the verge of rupture, since what it proposes is to turn Poland into a mere Brussels colony, delegitimizing its democratic and constitutional bodies and skipping final judgments of the court to which the Constitution of the Republic of Poland confers its jurisdiction in Article 188, and specifically the power to review "the conformity of statutes and international agreements to the Constitution."

They want to impose through blackmail what they did not achieve at the polls

That resolution is, in practice, a new attempt to invade Poland, this time sending bureaucrats instead of tanks, but with the same aim: that the Polish people submit to the dictates of a foreign power that seeks to impose on the Poles how they should govern and how they should think and educate their children, invalidating their democratic institutions and their legitimate judicial decisions. Let us remember that the EU is not the first to try to impose abortion on Poland: the nazis and communists did it before.

All this is due, incidentally, to the fact that the European Commission and the European Parliament are dominated by an entente made up of different left-wing groups and by the European People's Party, which are the same political groups that have failed several times in their attempt to win elections to the current ruling party in Poland, Prawo i Sprawiedliwość. What the left and the centrists have not achieved at the polls in Poland, they now intend to achieve by imposing their ideological agenda on the Polish people from Brussels, appropriating powers that are not conferred by the Treaty of the European Union and violating the same rule of law that cynically they claim to defend.

With that resolution they have signed the EU death certificate

With this attack on Poland, the European left and the centrists have become a factory for Eurosceptics. What kind of adherence do you hope to receive to a European project that consists of imposing the ideological agenda of the left by undemocratic means, violating national sovereignty and judicial independence? With this resolution, what the left and the European People's Party have done is sign the death certificate of the European Union: it has been killed by the same people who presume to defend it and who both like to present themselves as "Europeanists". But Europe is not this. Europe is a community of free and sovereign Nations, not colonies where the progressive elite can dedicate itself to playing Risk, overriding the fundamental rights of Europeans.

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