A review of the role of PSOE, PP and Podemos in this massacre of innocents

2.6 million aborted children in Spain: the politicians responsible for this monstrosity

Every December 28 we commemorate the slaughter of innocents ordered by Herod in Bethlehem. A massacre that today is carried out on a much larger scale.

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8 massacres of innocents like the one in Bethlehem every day in Spain

The priest Louis Claude Fillion estimated that at that time Bethlehem would have about 2,000 inhabitants, so the murdered children would have been about 30. It's certainly a horrendous number, but one should give anyone a chill when compared to the current number. The Ministry of Health published yesterday the number of abortions officers perpetrated in Spain in 2021: 90,189. This means that every day 247 unborn sons and daughters were murdered (and I split the gender to point out that in the name of feminism a massacre of girls is being committed). That is about 8 massacres of innocents like the one in Bethlehem every day in Spain and 3,006 massacres a year. Calling this "progress" is something aberrational.

The role of the PSOE, the PP and Podemos in this massacre of innocents

As for policy makers, it's not hard to find them. The socialists of the PSOE have been the promoters of the laws that have unleashed this massacre: the 1985 abortion law and the 2010 law, currently in force. But the socialists are not the only ones responsible for this massacre. The centrists of the Popular Party have governed twice with an absolute majority (the one obtained between 2000 and 2004 by the government of José María Aznar and the one held between 2011 and 2015 by the government of Mariano Rajoy) and they did nothing to repeal those abortion laws. Moreover, during Aznar's term, in 1999, the abortion pill was authorized in Spain, contributing to skyrocket the number of abortions from the 58,399 perpetrated that year to 84,985. from 2004.

If we distribute the official abortion figures among successive governments, 1,555,751 unborn children have been murdered in 22 years of PSOE governments (of these, 178,458 abortions have been perpetrated with the current coalition government of the PSOE with Podemos in 2020 and 2021). Likewise, 1,105,457 unborn children were murdered in 12 years of PP governments. During the current legislature, under the mandate of the socialist Pedro Sánchez, we have seen such aberrational things as that pets be given more protection than unborn children, an unreason that was only rejected by a party with a presence in Congress: Vox, which is the only pro-life party with parliamentary representation in Spain.

The pro-abortion fanaticism of the government of Pedro Sánchez

The government of Pedro Sánchez is proving to be a fanatical promoter of the culture of death, dedicating 45 million euros a year to promote this killing of innocents, while dedicating ridiculous amounts to help pregnant mothers without resources. For years it has already been verified that the left is determined to push women to have an abortion, for the sake of ideological theses based on climate catastrophism and obsessed with the myth of overpopulation. The pro-abortion fanaticism of the leftist government has also led to introduce a "gag law" to prevent pro-life activists from offering help to pregnant mothers in the vicinity of abortion centers.

Abortion is pushing Spain towards a serious demographic crisis

It should be noted that abortion is not only a monstrosity, since it implies -in medical terms- causing the death of an innocent and defenseless human being, but it is also pushing Spain to a serious demographic crisis, with a situation in which there are already more deaths than births. Spain is already registering an inverted population pyramid, that is, with more and more retired people and less and less active population. That means the bankruptcy of the current pension system, a problem that the left refuses to face in the only reasonable way, which is by promoting birth rates.

The left causes one problem and wants to solve it by causing another one

Instead, they try to make up for the lack of children, caused by abortion, triggering massive immigration, with the integration and crime problems that this entails. This also implies leaving underdeveloped countries without the necessary human capital to prosper. The left has caused a serious problem and is trying to solve it by causing yet another problem. It is time to break this vicious circle into which the culture of death has pushed us, and bet once and for all for the protection of life and the promotion of fertility. Not only is it the most consistent with the protection of human rights, which begin with the right to life, but it is also our only hope of avoiding a demographic catastrophe that would have very serious social and economic consequences.

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