One more example of the degradation of institutions by socialists

Three differences between Nacho Cano and Begoña Gómez that indicate what is happening in Spain

Yesterday the arrest of the composer Nacho Cano by the Spanish National Police made the news, and he was quickly released.

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Nacho Cano denounces a political setup against him

The arrest would supposedly be for hiring illegal immigrants and for "favoring irregular immigration". The latter, taking into account that Spain has a government committed to generating a call effect for illegal immigration, seems like a bad joke. After his release, Cano stated: "All this has been orchestrated by the Police, it's like the Stasi. It's a dirty and disgusting operation." Cano explains his arrest this way: "My proximity to Isabel Díaz Ayuso is the key to everything."

Nacho Cano's interns report to the Police for coercion

To this we must add that the interns who were supposedly hired illegally have decided to denounce the Police for coercion and affirm that testimonies that they did not make are attributed to them. Furthermore, the interns accuse the Police of "withholding against their will", "veiled threats of deportation in case of non-collaboration", "non-consensual intervention of the mobile phone device" and "redirection of private communications to devices of law enforcement agents." These are very serious accusations.

The three big differences between Nacho Cano and Begoña Gómez

Regardless of what each person thinks about these facts, there are three major differences between the case of Nacho Cano and the case of Begoña Gómez, Sánchez's wife, and these differences are objective facts that are not subject to anyone's opinion:

  • Cano is not charged with any crime. Gómez yes. Specifically, for crimes of influence peddling and corruption in business.
  • Cano has been arrested. Not Gómez, even though she is accused and he is not. Let's imagine for a moment the scandal that the government and its related media would have organized if Gómez had been arrested.
  • Cano gave a long press conference to give explanations. Gómez does not, despite being the wife of the president of the government and being accused of benefiting from that condition. Neither she nor Pedro Sánchez have given any explanation. Sánchez has consumed all of her public statements on the matter in discrediting the complainants, without referring even once to the reported facts.

There are serious reasons to think about a political setup by the government and using the Police, especially taking into account the embarrassing spectacles of sectarian use of the institutions that have been taking place the current Minister of the Interior, the socialist Marlaska. And there are also serious reasons to believe that the government has organized this setup to cover up Gómez's case , which is causing great political wear and tear on Sánchez and his party colleagues.

The other controversies of the police station responsible for that arrest

On the other hand, it is not the first time that the National Police (CNP) has been involved in a controversy like this since the socialists are in power in Spain. Coincidentally, the person in charge of the police station of CNP that is behind this arrest is a commissioner related to the PSOE who was also responsible for the harsh charges against demonstrators who were protesting in front of the headquarters of that party in November 2023. That police station in the center of Madrid has also been responsible for impose fines for praying on that same street.

A long socialist tradition of partisan use of the Police

In Spain, the socialists are colonizing all the institutions within their reach and putting them at the service of their party, starting with the Constitutional Court. The PSOE's tradition of making partisan use of the Police goes back many years. Let us remember that on July 13, 1936, a right-wing opposition deputy, José Calvo Sotelo, was kidnapped and murdered by socialist policemen who used police vehicles to commit that crime. A fact for which the PSOE has never apologized and has never condemned.

The degradation of institutions by socialists

The details of this case will eventually come to light (they already are). Every day that passes, we Spaniards observe the degradation of our public institutions by unscrupulous socialists and communists, who have the tendency to corrupt everything they touch, in their tendency to put the interests of their party and your personal interests above any other consideration.

That this government presents itself as a regenerator of democracy is a mockery of all Spaniards and one more example of the unlimited cynicism of Pedro Sánchez and his accomplices, accomplices among whom we must highlight -s we saw yesterday, once again-, the government's political commissars and media mercenaries, guys who call themselves journalists but who are willing to justify any abuse by the coalition government of socialists and communists.


Photo: PSOE. Pedro Sánchez with his wife, Begoña Gómez, at the public event organized by the PSOE in Benalmádena.

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