Some entities that are paid by all Spaniards with their taxes

Spain, the private estate of the socialists: the list of institutions that they have colonized

In a democratic country, the State should not be used as a particular placement agency of the ruling party.

The socialist sect that sustains Sánchez and supports his corruption and authoritarianism
Socialism and its nostalgia for the Stasi: they use the Treasury as a political police

For something like this to happen in a country is something to be expected from an authoritarian regime, but it should not be tolerated in a democratic country. The direction of public institutions should be decided by merit and not by affinity with power. At the end of the day, these are institutions that we all support with our tax money, whatever our ideology may be. . In Spain, the socialists use institutions that we all pay for to place their like-minded people. Yesterday we saw the most recent example: Pedro Sánchez has placed an affiliate of his party, the PSOE, at the head of RTVE, a public media corporation supported by all taxpayers.

Not the first time. You can see below a list of the institutions colonized by the PSOE:


Photo: PSOE.

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