Our weakness gives advantage to those who want to submit to our society

Attack on Barcelona: United We Are Stronger Against the Threat of Terrorism

A terrorist attack has showered blood and pain on the Ramblas of Barcelona, once again resorting to a mass outrage of innocent people who walked quietly down the street.

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Before any other consideration, from here I want to raise my prayer for the victims to heaven, I wish a speedy recovery to the wounded and send my embrace to their families and friends. Tragedies such as today remind us of a truth we often forget in the midst of the climate of dispute that has been invading Spanish social life. That truth is that we are all brothers, regardless of our nationality, beliefs, ways of thinking, race or taste.

Whenever there is a threat to society, whenever the enemies of Western civilization attack us in the most vile ways, it is comforting, in the midst of pain, to check the capacity of the human being to show mercy and feel close to those suffering. But at the same time it is sad to see how, after days, that feeling of unity is forgotten and the doors open to absurd disputes with which we show all our weakness before the declared enemies of our society and way of life. Often free and prosperous societies fall into oblivion of the enormous price that it has cost to obtain that freedom and that wellness of those who enjoy today. Sometimes it seems that we believe that life has always been that way and that there is nothing that can put at risk everything that has been achieved. We trust and, without thinking about the consequences, we surrender to a maelstrom of political confrontations that, in some cases, even threaten to break our coexistence.

Spain has long been emulating sadly that famous fable in which two hares debate if the dogs that run towards them are greyhounds or hounds. In the end, regardless of their race, dogs reach their prey. To ignore, to fribble or to misrepresent the threats that loom over us is an irresponsible and suicidal attitude, as it is also to pretend to put our country up in the middle of a declared war by fanatics against our entire civilization. Terrorism does not distinguish the Catalans from the rest of the Spaniards, nor the tourists from the neighbors, and I say this precisely because the attack today has been perpetrated in one of the most tourist areas of Barcelona. A fact as serious as this should reflect many, because our weakness gives advantage of those who want to subdue our society through terror. Terrorists know that together we are stronger against the threat of terrorism, and no doubt they should be pleased to see us as divided and confronted as we are now. Please, gentlemen politicians, meditate especially on this, for the special responsibility you have in regard to sowing weeds, promoting division and generating confrontation between Spaniards.

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