The French president wants us to repent of being more free and prosperous

The Infamous Background of the Speech of Macron Linking Terrorism and Climate Change

On Thursday I published here the brave Trump speech in Poland defending the West. Today I have to go to the opposite extreme: the typical progressive speech that blames the West for all evil.

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President of France blames terrorism on climate change

On Saturday, after the meeting of the G-20 (the group of the 20 most industrialized and emerging countries) in Hamburg, Germany, French President Emmanuel Macron gave a press conference (the full transcript in French can be read here). For its interest, I translate here one of the most striking statements he made in that appearance before the media:

"I have tried to explain it to some: we can not pretend to fight terrorism effectively if we do not have a decisive action against climate warming or we will have to explain to people living in Chad, Niger and others that climate is not a problem. Today, terrorism, the great imbalances in our world, what we are living is linked to the climate imbalance that has generated our international productive mode. So we have to respond because everything is linked and if we want to address the issues of Africa, development, industry and climate separately, I think it does not make sense. Since this agenda is linked, our responsibility is to keep all these commitments in a coherent manner. "

The perverse ideological keys of Macron's speech

Best of all, in these lines we can discover the ideological motives behind the climate alarmism. Let us look closely at the paragraph. First and foremost, a problem that is increasingly preoccupying the peoples of the West - terrorism - is linked to an issue that Western political elites (with exceptions like Trump) are struggling to place among our concerns. If that change has a human origin or is not something that the scientific community does not agree (even if some say that there is consensus about it). Just as before with demographic alarmism, which predicted a series of catastrophes caused by over-population (so far none of its forecasts have been fulfilled), climate alarmism has greatly influenced political, media, and intellectual elites, to the point of turning into heretics those who dare to question their theses. This ecocatastrofismo has served to make some very rich, but none of its alarmist forecasts have been fulfilled until now (the end of the North Pole has been predicted successively for the years 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2019 ...).

The West, the ultimate culprit

Let us continue with Macron's speech. The French president links terrorism with "the great imbalances in our world," a speech that is nothing new. The left has been explaining - or justifying - the existence of Islamist terrorism in the supposed injustice generated by the market economy, the economic model of the West. In other words, Macron, like many other leftists, thinks the West has the blame for Jihadist terrorism. That is why in his speech he links all this set of problems with "our international productive mode". To dismantle this thesis, we must ask ourselves a question: has the market economy increased misery? Listening to any leftist politician or journalist, anyone would say yes, without a doubt. One of the most repeated topics is that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. But it is not true. If we go beyond the topics and look at the economic data, we will see that world poverty has fallen by 80% since 1970, a process that has paralleled the increase in economic freedom. Among the most prosperous economies are the countries with the highest economic freedom, while the poorest countries include those that have been most locked in the socialist model (North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba).

A very profitable fear for political elites

The fact is that the people who enjoy the fruits of economic freedom end up misunderstanding the politicians who want to control everything. If freedom generates more prosperity in the sphere of the economy, why should we assume that a society will work better if politicians exercise more control over it? In this sense, climate alarmism has become the perfect excuse to maintain high levels of public spending and state interventionism. That is why our political elites and the media in their service are trying to convince us that anthropogenic climate change is behind all our misfortunes, including the growing problem of Islamist terrorism that plagues the West. Using that fear is easier and politically more profitable than recognizing one of the biggest mistakes of these elites: multiculturalism, a doctrine that holds that all cultures are equal, that the West is no better than the others and that the mere fact of Criticizing Islam, for example, makes one a racist. Based on this doctrine, politicians and media have disguised Islamist terrorism by citing it as "international terrorism."

Was bin Laden a starving man or an ecologist?

This political and media disguise of jihadism tries to see it as a phenomenon foreign to Islam. That is, they want us to believe that terrorism could have arisen in any other cultural environment, and that if it has arisen in Islamic countries it is because of the West that it has promoted that economy that makes the poor poorer (although the data Economists say otherwise). Faced with this discourse, very obvious objections arise. How to explain, from that point of view, that the 9/11 attacks were organized by a millionaire like Bin Laden? Did Bin Laden find himself in misery or starved because of capitalism? And in connection with Macron's assertion, was Saudi Arabia - bin Laden's native country - or Afghanistan - where the Taliban hosted him - gardens until some decades ago, and 9/11 was a protest against the desertification of those countries? On the other hand, if it were true that supposed economic inequalities are what motivate some Muslims to choose the crime, how can we explain that many jihadists are Muslims who have grown up in the freedoms and comforts of the West?

Does the West have to apologize for being more free and prosperous?

Jihadist terrorism is revealing something that in itself was not hard to understand: that multiculturalism is a lie, because not all cultures and all religions are the same. Democracy and human rights flourished in Europe and the United States because the West has Judeo-Christian roots that distinguish it from Muslim-majority countries in which democracy fails to take root. Progressivism has grown weary of denying this evidence, blaming Christianity and the West for many evils. For progressives what we have to do as Western Christians is not to be proud of who we are, but to ask for forgiveness. An act of contrition that progressivism has never asked the Islamic world, with which seems to be much more comfortable, perhaps because it coincides with it in its radical rejection of Western culture. It is time to stand on those two fronts that the enemies of freedom present us. Enough already. The West does not have to apologize for being better, for being freer or for being more prosperous. Those who have to apologize are the scoundrels who for decades deceived millions of people by selling them socialism as paradise on Earth, and now allied with Muslim fanatics to avenge their failure.

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