Instead of offering life-saving support, they offer resources to eliminate lifes

Indignation in Texas Over the Obscene ‘Help’ of Abortionists to the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

The State of Texas, in the United States, has been severely affected in recent days by Hurricane Harvey, which has caused substantial material damage and at least 8 deaths in its territory.

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A total of 30,000 people have been made homeless by the hurricane. In addition to the mobilization of state and federal public resources, various NGOs have launched campaigns to help Texans in these times of misfortune. However, there are some NGOs that are taking advantage of these moments to show their creeping side.

Abortion groups offer abortions as a way to ‘help’ victims

According to the American digital newspaper The Blaze, two abortionist organizations, NARAL and the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), have offered “help” to hurricane victims in the form of … abortions! Both groups have unveiled a fundraising campaign, called Lilith Fund, which aims to “help people in Texas pay for an abortion when they can’t afford it.” That is, there are many people helping to save lives, helping the homeless to get them a roof, shelter and food for your loved ones, and what abortionists offer is to kill your unborn child. It is the height of obscenity.

Indignation in the social media before the miserable gesture of the abortionists

Hundreds of users have reacted indignantly to the macabre offering of abortionist organizations. As an example, the tweet of the NNAF has received more than 900 replies compared to only 220 retweets. “While people are working hard and fighting to save lives, your mission is asking money to end lives,” an American tweeter replied. Journalist Sean Davis commented on his Twitter: “This is a great investment if you think the biggest problem with Harvey is that it didn’t kill enough people.” A tweeter recalled that choosing the name “Lilith Fund” was nothing casual: “The Lilith Fund is very appropriately named for a demon who steals away babies in the night,” and links a Wikipedia text about Lilith, a devil from Jewish mythology who hijacked babies. “Disasters happening and you are worried about killing babies! Lord have mercy on you all!”, comments another tweeter. The vast majority of the answers coincide in showing their repulsion towards the macabre “help” of the abortionists and in describing as perverse abortion messages.

Texas, a headache for abortionists

It should be remembered that Texas is one of the most Pro-Life states in the USA. In addition, it is one of the fiefdom par excellence of the Republican Party. In Presidential Elections last November 8, 52.23% of Texans voted for Trump. In December, the state withdrew public funds to the Planned Parenthood abortion lobby, a decision blocked by a judge in February.

(Photo: Joe Raedle A rescuer transports a baby rescued from a Hurricane Harvey flood in Port Arthur, Texas, Aug. 30)

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