Battle of Łomianki 1939: Awesome Historical Reenactment of the German Invasion of Poland

The military historical reenactment has many fans in Poland, and there are organized some of the best events in Europe to stage historical facts, especially World War II.

The Myth of Polish Cavalry Charges Against Tanks in September 1939
The Miracle of the Vistula, 1920: When Catholic Poland Stopped the Soviet Invasion of Europe

On September 24, the seventh edition of the historical reenactment event “Bitwa pod Łomiankami 1939” (Battle of Łomianki 1939) was held. The staged historic fact took place on September 22, 1939, and was explained by Alberto Gómez Trujillo here at the end of August, in his excellent article on the charges of the Polish cavalry in 1939. During a Polish counter-offensive after the German invasion of September 1, 1939, riders of the 6th “Dywizjon” of Mounted Artillery (a unit equivalent to a company) of the “Podolska” Brigade, based in Stanisławów, led a cavalry charge that opened the way to Warsaw to a column 5,000 Polish soldiers (including 1,500 horsemen), the remains of several infantry and cavalry units that had been overwhelmed by the Germans. At the Battle of Łomianki 800 Polish soldiers died – including General Mikołaj Bołtuć – and more than 4,000 were wounded. Only 200 of the 5,000 Polish soldiers left unharmed. The German casualties are not known.

The Youtube channel Polish Military Channel – Wadera have released today an impressive video of this reenactment, which includes armored vehicles of that time, a load of Polish horsemen, explosions and even air attacks (yes, made with a modern plane). Unfortunately it is unthinkable to see in Spain a recreation like this …

(Foto: GrzeCh71)

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