The 2nd Landing Battalion of the Tercio de Armada in the Baltops 19 exercise

A NATO report about the landing of the Spanish Marine Corps in Latvia

As you can read in the pages of Defensa y Aviación, last month the Spanish Marine Infantry and the LHD “Juan Carlos I” L-61 participated in the Baltops 19 exercise in the Baltic Sea.

Four vessels of the Spanish Navy reach Baltic waters (and with the Russian fleet watching)
This is a shot of the main gun of the F-100 frigates of the Spanish Navy

The Latvian Army has already published a good report on the Spanish Navy in that exercise. Now it has been the NATO Channel that has published a 6-minute report on the landing of the soldiers and vehicles of the Second Landing Battalion of the Tercio de Armada (TEAR) on a beach in Lilaste (Latvia). The video includes images of the L-61, of the Spanish landing boats LCM-1E and of the semirigid boats Duarry Super Cat, the amphibious armored transports AAV-7P and other vehicles of the Tercio de Armada (for more information about these vehicles, os I refer to the post I posted about the TEAR vehicles boarded on L-61).

Image: NATO Channel. Two Humvee M-1038 of the Tercio de Armada aboard an LCM-1E landing craft of the Spanish Navy.

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