This blog is the Spanish reference medium quoted in an article about Vox

Gatestone Institute in New York talks about the success of Vox and quotes Counting Stars

The success of Vox in Spain, going from 24 to 52 seats in the November 10 elections, has drawn attention in media and opinion forums in other countries, also in the United States.

A Polish newspaper rejects the anti-Spanish Black Legend (and alludes a blogger of Vigo)
The Gatestone Institute of the USA talks about Islam and Vox … and quotes Contando Estrelas

A New York think tank looks at the success of Vox

One of the organizations that has been set in the rise of Vox has been the Gatestone Institute, a conservative line ideas laboratory, based in New York and founded by John R. Bolton, until two months ago director of the National Security Council from the United States. Its website has editions in 16 languages: English, Spanish, Iraqi, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, French, Hebrew, Italian, Georgian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish. Its English edition published yesterday an article by Soeren Kern entitled “Spain: Surge in Support for Conservative Populists”, which addresses the success of Vox in the general elections of 10 November. Kern comments on this: “The fast-rising conservative party, which entered parliament for the first time only eight months ago, is now the third-largest party in Spain.” And it adds: “Vox leaders campaigned on a ‘traditional values’ platform of law and order, love of country and a hardline approach to anti-constitutional separatists in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia.”

Gatestone Institute notes that “Vox is pro-Israel, pro-American and pro-NATO”

Gatestone Institute believes that the “meteoric rise” of Vox “a direct result of the political vacuum created by the mainstream center-right Popular Party, which in recent years has drifted to the left on a raft of domestic and foreign policy issues, including that of uncontrolled mass migration.” Unlike the usual terms of foreign media, the New York organization points out that “Politicians on both the left and the right have sought to undermine Vox by branding the party, among other terms, as fascist, racist, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, reactionary, homophobic and anti-democratic. Vox, however, does not fit the traditional left-right paradigm: an estimated 300,000 voters who normally vote for the Socialist Party are believed to have voted for Vox in this election.” The American Institute also points out the great differences between Vox and certain political currents that have been described as far right: “Vox’s foundational mission statement affirms that the party is dedicated to constitutional democracy, free-market capitalism and the rule of law. In foreign policy, Vox is pro-Israel, pro-American and pro-NATO.”

Counting Stars is the Spanish medium of reference quoted in that article

Finally, and as it did in April to talk about a complaint about “Islamophobia” against Javier Ortega Smith, Gatestone Institute quotes this blog as a reference to talk about that success of Vox. In fact, Counting Stars is the only Spanish medium that the article quotes. Specifically, it contains three paragraphs of my article from November 10 at night, after the election results were published. It is a great honor for me to know that this blog arouses interest on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, in an influential conservative organization to which, by the way, I remain interested for a long time, because it publishes very interesting and very well-documented articles on international affairs. I am especially pleased to know that there are people in the US who will be able to value Vox properly (and not because of the ideological topics disseminated by the mainstream media), partly thanks to the information I publish in Counting Stars. That gives me hope.

Photo: Vox.

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