Spanish Civil Guard and National Police have joined this idea born in Poland

Blue Honor: an international initiative to pay tribute to fallen police officers

Every July 24 since 1995, Poland celebrates Święto Policji (Police Day), a holiday dedicated to honoring fallen police officers on duty.

Apel Pamięci: the ceremony of the Polish Army to honor its fallen for the Homeland
Military tunes for the fallen of Poland and Germany sounded together in the Bundestag

This celebration, which was already held during the Second Polish Republic between the world wars, gave rise to an initiative on social networks titled Niebieski Honor (Blue Honor), to honor the men and women of the Police who have died in compliance of their duty, and that consists of publishing a tribute video on Twitter with the hashtags #BlueHonour or #NiebieskiHonor. The text released by the Polish Police on this initiative states:

"Every day, thousands of policemen and policewomen from all over the world go to work to make you feel safe. They fulfill their duties with full commitment and dedication. Some people pay the highest price for it. We do not raise money. We do not support any idea. We do not protest. We are not making demands. We are not fighting. We simply want to pay tribute to the police officers and female police officers who died in the act of service."

You can see here a video made by officers of the Bydgoszcz Provincial Police Headquarters, in Poland, making the Polish military salute in front of a monument to their deceased companions, while the "Śpij kolego" (Sleep comrade) sounds, the Polish military bugle call for honor the fallen:

From Spain, the Civil Guard has joined this tribute with a video published last night with Karolina Gawlicka-Bąk, liaison officer of the Polish Police at the Polish Embassy in Madrid, and Lieutenant Pedro Manuel García Vázquez, from the civil Guard. At the end of the video, "La muerte no es el final" (Death is not the end) plays, the military anthem dedicated to those who gave their lives for Spain, subtitled in Spanish and Polish:

Also from Spain, the National Police Corps has joined the initiative with this video, in which the Toque de Oración (Bugle Calle of Prayer) is heard in honor of those who died in an act held at the National Police School of Ávila:

The Lithuanian Police have joined this tribute with this video that they have sent to their Polish neighbors:

The Slovenian Police also joined the initiative with this tribute:

Here we can see the nice video of the Moldovan Police on the occasion of this initiative:

Olivier Ordas, Internal Security Attaché of the French Embassy in Warsaw, also joined this initiative:

Here we see the video of Tudor Costin, Attaché of Internal Affairs of the Romanian Embassy in Warsaw, joining his salute in tribute to the fallen police officers:

In The Hague (Netherlands) there was also a simple tribute by Grzegorz Mazurkiewicz, Polish liaison officer at Europol:

I end with a song in Polish by policeman Krzysztof Ciborski, titled "Drogi Bracie" (Dear Brother), dedicated to fallen policemen:

From here I join this tribute to the fallen police officers. We can never be grateful enough for the work that so many men and women do to ensure our safety every day, often risking their lives and often falling into service.

We remember! Pamiętamy!

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