A change for thugs and criminals to have it even more difficult

An important announcement given the increase in harassment and threats to Counting Stars

Since its inception, this blog has not been limited to being a place for reading, but also for the participation of readers in the different posts.

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So far, almost 100,000 comments have been published in Counting Stars, not counting those of the Facebook comment system. That has posed several challenges. First of all, to deal with the enormous amount of spam that reaches this site. In January I installed the newest system, which in these 10 months has successfully stopped more than 122,000 spam comments.

Another problem is that of unscrupulous people who enter to insult, slander and even threaten, taking advantage of anonymity and almost always using fake email accounts. To this must be added that other users, without falling into these practices, have been indicating non-existent mailboxes at the same time that they subscribe to the responses of the comment system, which generates a constant and annoying bounce of emails.

As you have seen, from this afternoon you have to register on the blog to be able to comment. It is a decision that I have been pondering for a long time. I have had no choice but to take this step in the face of the increase in acts of harassment and threats against this blog. Of course, those who want to intimidate me and make me shut up are not going to succeed. Instead of discouraging me, his hatred and his attacks encourage me to continue, because it is clear that if this blog were irrelevant, the enemies of Freedom would not go to so much trouble to try to tear it down.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this change may cause to regular blog commenters, especially older ones. I personally believe that this will create a more secure and friendly environment for blog readers. I have never wanted the comment sections of this blog to become a dung heap, in which decent people were discouraged to participate, and I maintain the same idea. Those who come to this blog to comment with respect, even from the discrepancy, you will have all the facilities on my part. Those who come to attack and threaten will have all possible impediments, without ruling out legal actions that I will take into consideration shortly.

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