In the last 14 years it has received more than 57 million page views

Counting Stars celebrates 17 years with more than 17,000 posts and not a euro in subsidies

This blog is celebrating its birthday. Counting Estrelas was born on such a day as today in 2004, and it did so as a small corner of the network that has been growing little by little.

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In these 17 years, a lot has happened on this blog: more than 17,000 posts have been published in Spanish, Galician, English, Polish, Portuguese and French, and more than 96,000 comments from readers in various languages (recently I even got one in Irish Gaelic). In total, the blog has received more than 43 million visits and more than 57 million page views since September 19, 2007, when I installed the Google Analytics counter. When this blog was born there were not even social networks. Today you can follow his latest news on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Gab, LinkedIn, Gettr and MeWe, watch his videos on Youtube and Rumble, and also my photos on Flickr and Instagram“>Instagram.

What makes me most proud of the blog is that, unlike other media -even some with less audience-, Counting Stars has never received a euro -not even a cent- in subsidies of any kind, nor in institutional advertising, nor nothing that could come out of the taxpayers’ pocket. I have not asked for them either. One of the hallmarks of this website is its independence, the freedom to criticize this or that government, whatever the sign, because Counting Stars does not depend economically on any ruler. Nor does he receive money from any company or political party. Counting Estrelas is supported exclusively by my savings and the fruit of my work.

Obviously, maintaining a website like this implies not a few sacrifices, especially considering that it is updated seven days a week, but I recognize that it is an exciting task, especially when Counting Stars serves to publish things that otherwise no one would count, and that they are also read in many parts of the world. As a curiosity, the countries with the most blog readers are, in this order, Spain, Argentina, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador and Venezuela.

This year, Counting Stars have also received more than 11,000 visits from Cuba, more than 6,000 from Poland (Niech żyje Polska!), More than 2,300 from South Korea and Australia, 851 from the Philippines, 162 from the Republic of China (Taiwan), 89 from Equatorial Guinea, 69 from Georgia, 50 from Djibouti (where there is a Spanish military detachment), 12 from the former Spanish island of Guam, 8 from Fiji, 6 from the Faroe Islands, 2 from American Samoa, 2 from the Vatican City and even one from Greenland, and that’s to name a few examples, since there are visits from a total of 217 countries and colonies.

I want to thank the attention and support of the most veteran readers, of those who share the posts, of those who notify me of misprints, and especially of Isaac for his constant computer support (without him, this instead of a high-displacement motorcycle would be like a pedal tricycle). And thank you, above all, to my family for their constant support, and to God and the intercession of Saint John Paul II, for putting good sense where I am lacking. I hope we can continue reading – and counting stars – for many more years.

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.

(J.R.R. Tolkien)

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