The UE treats "Poland more viciously than the Chinese communist tyranny"

The firm defense of Poland by a Spanish MEP of Vox against the persecution from the EU

The sectarian political and ideological persecution from the European Commission against Poland has once again starred in a debate today in the European Parliament.

The Constitutional Court of Poland puts limits on the EU: its ruling K 3/21 says this
Nine European countries that prioritized their sovereignty over the EU before Poland

The EU invades the national sovereignty of its members

This morning, the European Parliament organized a debate entitled “The Rule of law crisis in Poland and the primacy of EU law”, after the recent ruling K 3/21 of the Polish Constitutional Court reaffirming what nine other countries of the EU (starting with Germany) have affirmed before: the primacy of national law over community law. The title of the debate was already misleading, since what should be debated is the crisis of the rule of law in the EU itself, which tries to invade the national sovereignty of its members to impose ideological agendas against the will of its citizens, as is happening in the cases of Poland and Hungary. It is also an invasion of powers by a European Commission with a socialist majority and that, for example, has been turning a blind eye to the attacks of the socialist-communist government of Spain against judicial independence.

Poland was not alone in the debate

Today, and against the feeling that some politicians and the media are trying to convey, Poland has not been alone in this debate. Several members of the group of European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) and of the Identity and Democracy group have come out in defense of the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki -present at the session- and of his country. The Spanish deputy of Vox (ECR) Jorge Buxadé has demanded that the Commission and the European Parliament “stop this senseless persecution” against Poland and against “any country that refuses to sell off its sovereignty”, and added: “Today is Poland, tomorrow Hungary and, the day after, anyone who stands up to defend the nation.”

“It is a shame that this chamber treats Poland more viciously than the Chinese communist tyranny”

Buxadé also stated: “It is a shame that this chamber treats Poland more viciously than the Chinese communist tyranny or the drug dictatorships of the Iberosphere”, and recalled that “Member States do not work for Brussels” and that “Parliament Democratically elected Polish man does not work for an elected Commission in dark offices. It is Brussels that is at the service of the Member States. The European Union is not a superpower, it is not that One Ring that controls everyone, which is what you would like. It is just an international treaty in which 27 sovereign states put things in common to do things in common, and of course the Constitution of each member state is above.”

The betrayal of the European People’s Party to its voterss

The Vox MP has also criticized the position of the European People’s Party (EPP) on this issue, stating that “it is not a reliable partner”, after seeing EPP MEPs simply repeating the slogans of the left against Poland, such as they have already done other times. It is the same EPP whose member parties, like the Spanish Popular Party, are dedicated to asking for the support of their voters to curb left-wing policies. “We are facing another historic day in which the EPP betrays its voters, its historic commitments and its nations,” Buxadé said.

You can see here the video of his speech, subtitled in English, which Vox Europe has broadcast on its Twitter account:

Photo: Vox.

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