The European Commission is putting the Union at risk with its left-wing drift

The infamous EU bias: fury with Hungary and Poland and silence with Cuba, Iran and Spain

Today the European Commission has announced that it will take legal action against Hungary and Poland, another step in its campaign against those countries.

Hungary's strong response to Brussels' blackmail to indoctrinate its children
The letter from more than 2,500 judges that warns the EU that Spain is moving towards "totalitarianism"

The false accusation of the European Commission against Hungary and Poland

The Commission accuses Hungary and Poland of "violations of fundamental rights of LGBTIQ people." The accusation is clearly false. In both countries there is no law that discriminates against anyone because of their sexual orientation. Hungarians and Poles are equal before the law regardless of their sexual orientation or the sex attributed to them. If these violations occurred in those two countries, they would be denounced in Counting Stars, in the same way that I denounced the attempt of the Russian communists to persecute homosexuals in 2016, the executions of homosexuals in Iran and the presence in the Rights Council Human beings from the UN from countries that punish homosexuality with the death penalty, matters on which the EU is astonishingly silent.

Hungary and Poland defend freedom of education for their citizens

What there are in these two EU countries are laws that prohibit the imposition of sexual indoctrination in schools, as I have already explained here (the Hungarian case) and here (the Polish case). What the governments of both countries do is protect the right to freedom of education, a fundamental right protected by Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and by Article 14 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

Instead of Hungary and Poland, the one that should be accused is the EU itself, for wanting to violate that right by imposing an indoctrination of gender ideology in those two countries, going beyond their national sovereignty. The European Commission attacks Hungary and Poland because they do not allow them to violate the freedom of education of their citizens, and by doing this the EU government is beginning to look dangerously like the late Soviet giant that imposed its will on Hungarians and Poles.

The complicit silence of the European Commission with Cuba

Furthermore, its fury against Hungary and Poland once again highlights the political and ideological bias of the European Commission. The EU government has not dedicated a single tweet to the repression of the Cuban communist dictatorship against the recent protests asking for Freedom in that country. It is enough to do a simple search to verify that the last message published by the European Commission about Cuba on its Twitter is from 2016. This blindness of the Commission to human rights violations in Cuba is not something accidental. The vice-president of the Commission and high representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs is the Spanish socialist Josep Borrell. A month ago, his party voted against a European condemnation of the repression in Cuba.

The Commission's vice president's praise for the Iranian dictatorship

On the other hand, two years ago the vice president of the Commission, Josep Borrell, published a message on Twitter praising the Iranian regime, without mentioning the fact that it punishes homosexuality with the death penalty. Instead, Borrell criticized the firm position of the Trump administration in the face of that Islamist dictatorship: "Iran continues to be an obsession for the US Government. They still do not have diplomatic relations and in addition Trump has withdrawn from the Nuclear Pact and has imposed penalties." The socialist politician added: "Surely Iran can survive the sanctions if Trump is not re-elected." That seems more like a wish than an analysis.

The Commission's silence with the authoritarian drift of the Spanish left

This political bias is also evident in the silence of the EU regarding the violations of fundamental rights in Spain, confirmed yesterday in a ruling by the Spanish Constitutional Tribunal, a ruling that has been contested by the coalition government of socialists and communists with attacks on the judges. Let us remember that last April 2,500 Spanish judges warned the EU that Spain is going "towards totalitarianism". A few months earlier, the main European organization of judges warned of the "step backwards" in judicial independence in Spain with the leftist government of Pedro Sánchez.

Given this, the European Commission has not taken any action, nor has it done with discrimination against Spanish speakers in several Spanish regions, in which the Spanish language is excluded from the educational system despite being the official language of the country. The PSOE, to which Borrell belongs, is leading these attacks on judges and supports that linguistic discrimination, so the European Commission looks the other way and prefers to be cruel to conservative governments whose "crime" is to defend freedom of education. With this infamous bias, what the European Commission is doing is endangering the Union itself, because if it continues along this path, it will end up breaking down just as the former Soviet bloc did.


Photo: AP. The vice president of the European Commission, the Spanish socialist Josep Borrell, with the Iranian dictator Hassan Rouhani at a meeting in Tehran in February 2020.

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