It propose against them a weapon already used by Spaniards and Finns

The information of the Ukrainian Army on weak points of Russian military vehicles

The Army and people of Ukraine are offering fierce resistance to the Russian military invasion, disrupting the plans laid out by Vladimir Putin.

The military vehicles that the Russian Army is losing in its attack on Ukraine
The Russian invasion of Ukraine in pictures: the Ukrainian resistance makes itself felt

That resistance is turning to Javelin missiles (as we saw this morning) and other types, but also to less sophisticated and much cheaper weapons. One of them is a Spanish invention: the famous Molotov cocktail, which was used for the first time in the Spanish Civil War, by legionnaires and against Russian tanks used by the Republican Army.

The artifact is very simple to make: it is a glass bottle filled with gasoline and into which a rag is inserted that lights up before it is thrown. This incendiary explosive was given its current name during the Soviet invasion of Finland (1939-1940), where it also targeted Russian tanks. The name is due to the fact that Stalin's foreign minister, Viacheslav Molotov, had the cynicism to affirm that Soviet aircraft were not dropping bombs on Finland, but food. A Finnish soldier responded to Molotov: "If you provide the food, we will provide the cocktail." The Finns resisted with a fierceness and efficiency very reminiscent of the Ukrainians, inflicting heavy casualties on the Red Army.

In Ukraine, the Pravda Beer Theater factory, based in Lviv (in the west of the country), has stopped producing beer to make Molotov cocktails, decorating its bottles with a label that says "Putin Huilo" (Putin Shit). Yesterday the factory posted this image of their new product (here it provides the account numbers to help them make more Molotov cocktails):

This morning, an unofficial account of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has published a series of four sheets to indicate how to disable Russian military vehicles with these incendiary explosives, as well as with spike barriers on the ground. The images are titled “Вразливі місця ворожої техніки” (Enemy Vehicle Vulnerabilities):

Picture about an armored BTR-82A, pointing out as vulnerable points the wheels, the front windows and hatches, the turret, the side and upper doors and the engine hood.

Picture about a GAZ Tayfun MRAP, indicating as vulnerable points the wheels, the upper crew and troop hatches, the windshield and the side engine ventilation grille.

Picture about a GAZ Tigr MRAP, showing the vulnerable points of the wheels, radiator, top hatches, engine air intake and windshield.

Picture about the military trucks Ural-4320 (above) and Kamaz 4310 (below), indicating as vulnerable points the wheels, the windshields, the radiators, the fuel tank and the boilers.


Main photo: Ukraine Weapons Tracker. A 9K33 Osa surface-to-air missile launch vehicle and a Russian Army Kamaz 431 abandoned after an attack by Ukrainian forces.

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