The target was fuel depots in the Russian city of Belgorod

The footage of Ukraine's first air counterattack against Russia using two Mi-24s

Not only is Russia suffering heavy losses in the invasion of Ukraine, but also the invaded are occasionally going on the counteroffensive.

Ukraine returns the visit to the Russians and attacks a military target in Russia
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Last morning, around 04:50 CET, two Ukrainian Mil Mi-24 attack helicopters managed to fly to the Russian city of Belgorod, 30 kilometers north of the border with Ukraine, attacking a facility with fuel depots and causing a loud explosion.

The official Russian agency Tass has given news of the attack speaking of "explosions", hiding its cause until the last paragraph of the report: "On April 1, in Belgorod, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched two air strikes that caused a fire in the Belgorodnefteprodukt JSC oil depot. There are no victims or injuries in the incident. The fire has engulfed the fuel tanks. Because of the fire, the residents of the houses on three streets surrounding the development are being resettled. In addition, according to Andrey Minaev, director of the Directorate for the Development of Industrial Areas JSC, at least seven objects in two industrial parks in the region were damaged after the shelling."

According to Ukrainian journalist Yuri Butusov, the attack hit 8 tanks containing some 16,000 cubic meters of fuel, a facility that was "an important logistics base for Putin's army." Butusov adds: "The Russian anti-aircraft defense turned out to be unable to detect that our helicopters were successfully returning to base after completing the task." The VKontakte account of a local media has published some videos of the attack that you can see compiled here:

In the first of the videos, two Mil Mi-24s can be seen flying at low altitude, which is why they should not have been detected by the Russian air defenses. In the last of the videos, the typical trace of unguided rockets is observed.

This is the first air attack against Russian territory since World War II. In addition, it is already the third Ukrainian counterattack against Russia since the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24. The two previous counter-attacks were carried out with missiles: the first was carried out with OTR-21 Tochka missiles against the Millerovo air base on February 25, destroying two Su-30 fighters, and the second was carried out on March 29 against an ammunition depot near Belgorod, in this case using Tochka-U missiles.

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