The attack has been made with Tochka-U missiles against an ammunition depot

Ukraine returns the visit to the Russians and attacks a military target in Russia

Ukraine seems to have had enough of watching Russia attack its cities and kill Ukrainian civilians, including children, and has gone on the counterattack.

Russia has lost more than 2,000 military vehicles in Ukraine: these are the models
Russia breaks a record launching missiles at Ukraine but runs into something unexpected

Today at 21:28 CET, the Ukrainian outlet has reported that the 19th Missile Brigade of the Ukrainian Army launched a Tochka-U missile attack on a depot of artillery weapons and rockets of the Russian Armed Forces in the village from Oktyabrskoye, about 400 meters from Krasny Oktyabr, near Belgorod.

"From these warehouses, Russia supplies ammunition to kill Ukrainians. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting effective negotiations on the demilitarization and denazification of Russia. This is the negotiating format that Ukraine unanimously supports. The Ukrainians will lead the Russian army straight to hell," Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov said.

The official Russian agency Tass has reported on the attack, stating that the target would be a temporary military camp in the Belgorod region and that four Russian soldiers were wounded. "According to preliminary data, the shelling was carried out from the Ukrainian side," that information said.

From Berlin, the Ukrainian journalist Sergej Sumlenny, citing information from, said: "This is the first time as Ukraine attacks Russian territory as a retaliation. A huge inspiration for Ukrainian army, and a great humiliation for Russian army." The attacked target would be about 10 kilometers north of the Ukraine-Russia border.

+ UPDATED 3.30.2022 6:03 am: as @RDavidFernandez has indicated, Ukrainian forces have already attacked the Russian Millerovo airfield on February 25, managing to destroy two Su-30 fighters (one, according to the Russians) .



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