It can shoot down missiles, drones, and mortars for just $3.50 a shot

Iron Beam: This is how the Israel Defense Forces laser weapon works

The State of Israel will soon have a new weapon to defend its territory from frequent attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists.

Iron Dome: An impressive test of Israel’s mobile air defense system
Gaza needs an Iron Dome against Hamas: more than 400 of its rockets landed there

For years, Israel has been using the Iron Dome to defend against missile and rocket attacks. The system has been highly effective in protecting the Israeli population from such attacks, but it has a serious drawback: the Iron Dome uses Tamir missiles to hit its targets, each costing about $100,000. That has led Hamas to use a strategy of attrition against Israel, forcing it to spend more and more money on its defense by launching rockets that cost the jihadist organization about $300 a unit.

To this we must add that the Iron Dome is not used to stop mortar attacks, a weapon that is also very cheap and frequently used by Hamas to attack Israel and spread terror among its population.

The Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Benett, published yesterday a demonstration video of the weapon that the Israel Defense Forces hope to have active in 2023: the "Iron Beam", a laser weapon developed by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and that can destroy missiles, drones and even mortar shells, with a price of only 3.50 dollars per shot, a ridiculous price and that will greatly reduce the cost of Israel's defense:

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