It is the largest loss of a naval force since World War II

A recreation in a simulator of the Ukrainian attack on the Russian cruiser Moskva

The Ukrainian attack on the missile cruiser "Moskva" three days ago, and its sinking the next day, has caused surprise to the world.

Hard blow to Russia: it loses the Moskva cruiser, the flagship of its Black Sea fleet
The full video of the Russian ships attacked by the Ukrainians in Berdyansk

This is the largest loss suffered by a naval force since World War II, since this Russian cruiser exceeded in size and displacement the Argentine cruiser "General Belgrano", sunk by the British during the Falklands War (1982). Although the attack was carried out with two modern R-360 Neptun anti-ship missiles, according to Ukrainian sources, there are many unknowns about it. The main one is: how is it possible that the Russian cruiser was not able to shoot down those missiles?

There is information that Ukraine was able to use a Bayraktar TB2 drone to distract the Russian ship's defenses, but were the Moskva's defenses so incapable? Some have attributed the possible failure to the shortcomings of the ship's 3P41 Volna air defense radar. There is also speculation about how adverse weather could have played a role, as well as a lack of crew training in terms of damage control.

On the YouTube channel Grim Reapers they have made a reconstruction of how the attack could have been using a simulator, and their conclusion is that bad weather could seriously affect the capacity of the ship's defenses (bear in mind that the Moskva was 40 years old and has hardly received updates in recent decades):

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