Curious Polish military helmets in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is beginning to resemble the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 in terms of the variety of materials used by the Ukrainians.

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This Saturday, the Spanish channel Antena 3's midday newscast showed images of Ukrainian health workers treating the wounded in the Russian attacks against the civilian population of Ukraine. The helmets worn by the paramedics (both civilians) caught my attention.

One of them had a net, and the other did not, but both had a white eagle and the letters "MO" painted on the front.

I didn't have to use Google to identify the meaning of those letters, since I had seen them before. They are Wz.67 steel helmets of the Milicja Obywatelska (MO, Citizen Militia), which is what the Police Corps of the People's Republic of Poland was called, that is, of the communist dictatorship imposed by Stalin in that country after the WWII.

The Milicja Obywatelska was disbanded in 1990 and replaced by the current Polska Policja (Polish Police). The presence of such helmets in the Ukraine is no surprise. The Polish Army has thousands of them in warehouses. For weeks now, Ukrainian servicemen have been seen in outfits bearing the Polish Army's Wz.93 Panther camouflage, a sign that Poland is donating a lot of military supplies to its Ukrainian neighbors. There have also been private donations of such equipment by Polish citizens. This is how helmets used decades ago by Polish police officers now protect the heads of Ukrainian paramedics.

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