The Poles are drawing on their strategic reserves for this aid

Poland's impressive aid to Ukraine: a benchmark for all of Europe

Poland is the European country that is receiving the most Ukrainian refugees, by far. There are already 2.4 million hosted by Polish families.

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But Poland's aid to Ukraine does not stop there. Let's look at some examples.

Last week Poland delivered 60 tons of food in Kiev. The head of the Polish Prime Minister's Office accompanied the shipment..

This photo is not taken in Poland, but in Ukraine. It is the Polish embassy in Kiev, the only one operating in the Ukrainian capital. The other countries have left Ukraine. Poland no.

To date, Poland has delivered more than 800 pallets of medicines to Ukraine from the Polish strategic reserves, an aid worth 60 million złotys (12.9 million euros).

This Friday, April 1, a convoy of 10 Polish trucks traveled to Lviv, in Ukraine, loaded with food.

That convoy transported 50 tons of long-term food and ready meals, sourced from Poland's strategic reserves.

This Saturday, April 2, more than 120 Polish wagons, transporting 1,500 tons of food, arrived in Kharkiv and Zaporizhia, in Ukraine, a transport organized by the Prime Minister's office and the Polish Government Agency for Strategic Reserves (RARS). "The transport is the largest humanitarian shipment sent so far," says that Agency.

God bless Poland!

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