His children, his wife and his mother are refugees on Polish soil

The moving message that Sergei, a Ukrainian father, has addressed to the people of Poland

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, more than 1.2 million Ukrainians have fled to Poland, the country that has received the most refugees.

The great example that Poland is giving to the West in the face of the invasion of Ukraine
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Most of the refugees are women and children. The men have had to stay behind to defend their country from Russian invaders. Refugee camps have not been organized in Poland, it has not been necessary: many Poles have opened the doors of their homes to pick up those Ukrainians fleeing from Russian terror. Many men who have stayed in Ukraine or who have returned to their country to defend it have at least peace of mind that their families are safe on Polish soil.

Sergei is one of those Ukrainian parents whose families have found refuge in Poland. He has recorded a moving video message showing his gratitude to the Polish people. The message was posted by Visegrad 24 the day before yesterday, with English subtitles. I have uploaded it to :

I transcribe his words below:

"My name is Sergei. I live in Ukraine. This video is for Poles. My entire family is in Poland. My children, wife and mother. I always knew Poland were good neighbors. Listen, I really want to thank you. You are my brothers forever. I will never forget that Russia invaded my land and killed my people. I will never forget. As I won't forget how the Poles helped Ukrainians.

I'm sorry...

I will defend my country. I am at peace that my children, my family, is safe in your home. May there always be peace in Poland, bright skies, and sunshine. May the children play. This is hoy the world should be.

But not the Russian one. No. I'll fucking every Russian. I'm serious.

Again, I want to thank you. Polish MPs, Polish diplomats, Polish President and personally I want to thank every Pole. I'm ready at the end of the war to hug each and everyone of you. I truly thank you. This is straight from the heart without any pretense.

Long live Poland and Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Poland! "

I'm spanish. As a European, I am really proud of the Polish people. And I am also embarrassed by the attitude of many of our rulers, and also some citizens, in the face of the suffering of the people of Ukraine. We have a lot to learn from Poland.

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