Some spectacular images recorded at the British base of RAF Fairford

The deafening experience of a B-52 bomber passing a few meters above you

The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is a very old bomber but with such high operability that it will end up retiring its successors, the B-1 and the B-2.

Hostomel: the destruction of the Russians in the An-225 Mriya and in other Antonov planes
Ukraine announces the destruction of the An-225 Mriya, the biggest plane in the world

Seeing a B-52 in flight remains an unforgettable experience. I saw one 13 years ago over my city and it was something spectacular, but that plane was flying at a certain height. UK Aviation Movies published a few days ago a formidable video of the landings of several B-52s at the British base of RAF Fairford. The video is recorded from a place very close to the beginning of the runway, so its author could see the planes flying at a very low altitude. "My ears are still recovering!", comments the youtuber. Judge for yourself:

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