The invaders destroyed planes, buildings and even fire vehicles

Hostomel: the destruction of the Russians in the An-225 Mriya and in other Antonov planes

In the last hours, Ukrainian troops have managed to retake the Hostomel Airport, near Kiev, occupied by the Russians for weeks.

Ukraine announces the destruction of the An-225 Mriya, the biggest plane in the world
The footage of Ukraine's first air counterattack against Russia using two Mi-24s

Hostomel was home to the Antonov An-225 Mriya, the largest aircraft in the world. As you will remember, on February 27 the destruction of this plane by the Russians was confirmed. Now, with the recovery of the airport, more images of the damage caused by the Russians have been released on that and other planes, as well as on airport buildings and vehicles. The images have been released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, by the Antonov Company and by Dimitro Antonov.

As published today by the Antonov Company, the An-225, an An-26 and an An-74 have been destroyed, as well as the control tower and the administration building of Hostomel. You can see below a couple of videos and a series of photos that reflect this damage.

This video was published by the Ukrainian Youtube channel Babylon'13 this Friday, and shows aerial images of the current state of Hostomel airport.

This other video was published by Dmytro Antonov this Saturday on his YouTube channel, and shows up close the damage caused by the Russians to the An-225 and other planes and facilities in Hostomel.

Ukrainian military after retaking Hostomel Airport. In the background, the remains of the An-225. His hangar is also visibly damaged.

An 2A65 Msta-B 152mm howitzer with flat tires in front of the An-225 hangar.

The sad state in which the An-225 has been left after the Russian occupation of Hostomel. In the foreground we see the remains of an infantry fighting vehicle, apparently a BMP-3.

Another image showing the damage to the An-225. The front half of the fuselage is smashed. The left wing and tail engines appear relatively intact.

The An-225 up close. The damage is catastrophic. This aircraft is beyond repair.

A Ukrainian soldier observing the remains of the An-225.

One of the Antonov Airlines An-124 Ruslans that were in Hostomel, specifically the UR-82009. It was in a hangar with the engines removed.

Another image of the An-124 UR-82009. Apparently it has not suffered any damage.

An Antonov/Taqnia An-132 with its left wing destroyed.

The mangled tail of the only Antonov An-26 operated by Antonov Airlines, the UR-13395.

A small twin-engined Antonov An-28 next to one of the large engines of an An-124, inside one of the Hostomel hangars.

One of three Antonov An-12s of Antonov Airlines. It has the engines removed (possibly for maintenance), and there appears to be some damage to the part of the right wing closest to the fuselage.

The offices of the Antonov Company in Hostomel, with the damage caused by the Russians.

The administrative building of Hostomel, with signs of having been set on fire.

The Russians have also destroyed the fire engines at Hostomel Airport.

More destruction at the Hostomel fire station.

A Man fire truck in Hostomel, with shot holes in its windshield.

A MAZ-543 heavy truck from the Hostomel fire department, with broken windows.

+ UPDATED 4.10.2022 4:00 pm: The newspaper Ukrayinska Pravda publishes more images of the wrecked An-225, recorded with a drone:

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