Russia is using tactics very similar to those it used in Afghanistan

Mariupol: a dramatic recording of the acts carried out by the Russian tanks

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is exposing the invaders' tactics that are increasingly reminiscent of those they used in another war years ago.

Putin's jihad: they celebrate the destruction of Mariupol with cries of "Allah is great"
Mariupol before the invasion, seen by a photographer killed by the Russians

This Saturday, an Ukrainian Telegram channel published a terrible video in which a Russian T-80BV tank in Mariupol is seen firing its cannon repeatedly at an apartment building, until it is destroyed. In the more than 3 minutes that the video lasts, no shots towards the invaders are seen coming out of the building. The video includes texts indicating that there were no Ukrainian military in the building, only 16 civilians sheltered in the basement. We can get an idea of the hell they went through by seeing how the building turned out.

At the end of the video, the Russians are seen removing the civilians who survived the brutal attack from the building. A text of the video indicates that the invaders pushed the wounded and elderly from among those survivors, and that it is unknown what fate the survivors have suffered.

What we have just seen is not something new in Russian military history. Something similar was already done in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan between 1978 and 1989, with brutal attacks on populations, indiscriminate killings of civilians (including children) and destruction of entire villages, under the pretext of ending the mujahideen. The USSR was accused of crimes of genocide and war crimes in Afghanistan, charges that are not exaggerated considering that the Soviets killed more than a million Afghans. As happened with other genocides committed by communist dictatorships, those crimes went unpunished and their authors are now repeating them in Ukraine.

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