Vic Dedoff, 52, left his beautiful photos of his city on his Facebook profile

Mariupol before the invasion, seen by a photographer killed by the Russians

The city of Mariupol is an example of the barbarism of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. It has been almost completely leveled after a brutal siege.

A Russian tank destroys the headquarters of Caritas in Mariupol killing seven people
"I'm sure I'll die soon": the letter of an Ukrainian woman from Mariupol

As you will remember, on March 24 I published this video showing how the city has turned out, and that was almost a month ago:

In the last few hours, images of Mariupol taken by photographer Vic Dedoff, born on February 4, 1970 and killed by the Russians on March 11, 2022, have been released online. He is survived by his wife, Natalya, and their son Sasha. Here we can see them together in a photo when the boy was little (he is now a teenager). She is devastated, with an "emptiness and infinite pain in her soul."

Vic Dedoff has been photographing his city for years. Mariupol was an important port town of 431,000 inhabitants, on the shores of the Sea of Azov. Below these lines you can see the last photo of Mariupol published by Dedoff on his Facebook, on December 26, 2021, showing the Dramatic Theater, which was destroyed by a Russian attack on March 16, five days after the death of the photographer. Inside the Theater there were hundreds of refugee women and children, they even put two large messages on the floor warning that there were children there, but the Russians did not care and attacked the place, reducing it to rubble and burying many refugees under it.

You can see below some of the photos of Mariupol published by Dedoff on his Facebook profile. I hope they serve as a tribute to that photographer killed by the Russians, and as a reminder of the city that was and that no longer exists, since it has been razed to the ground by the fanaticism of a tyrant who believes he has the right to invade and massacre neighbours countries.

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