Caritas Mariupol continues to help those most in need despite the attack

A Russian tank destroys the headquarters of Caritas in Mariupol killing seven people

Russian war crimes committed against the civilian population of Ukraine have also been directed against the headquarters of the Catholic NGO Caritas in Mariupol.

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A Russian tank fired on the Caritas headquarters despite being identified

As reported by Caritas Mariupol on Monday, a Russian tank fired on its headquarters on Bannyi Ln 4, despite being perfectly identified, as seen in the photo that heads these lines, published by Caritas Mariupol itself on its Facebook page. As a result of the attack, seven people were killed, including two employees of the Catholic NGO who were engaged in accounting work. According to VaticanNews, the other five deceased were relatives of those two Caritas employees who had taken refuge in the building. "At that time, there were people hiding from the bombardment and seeking safe refuge with us," says Caritas Mariupol.

Caritas Mariupol continues to help those most in need despite the attack

"Unfortunately, we do not have precise information about the people who were in our office at that time, so we cannot say exactly who was there that day," the NGO says, which today continues to carry out its work helping the most vulnerable in various parts of the city. From Caritas Mariupol they add: "Eternal memory for all those killed by Russian aggression. Our condolences to the families of our colleagues."

Caritas Internationalis management is "horrified and shocked"

Caritas Internationalis Secretary General, Aloysius John, stated yesterday: "This dramatic news leaves the Caritas family horrified and shocked. We join in grief and solidarity with the suffering of the families and our colleagues of Caritas Ukraine who are living a tragedy."

The President of Caritas Internationales, Philippine Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle y Gokim, said: "I feel deep sadness and shock at the news of the attack that led to the loss of lives. Caritas Internationalis expresses its profound sympathies and closeness to the families of those who lost their lives and were wounded. Our sadness turns into an appeal to the international community to exert every effort to bring this violence to an end, to return to dialogue, and to see a brother and sister in every person."

Asked about the people who are risking their lives in Ukraine to help people, like the murdered employees of Caritas Mariupol, Cardinal Tagle pointed out: "To the women and men risking their lives, we extend a word of sincere gratitude. You are doing a holy action, holy work. For every good action done selflessly, you are sowing seeds of truth, justice, love and peace that will change the world. God will make sure that your efforts will not be in vain. They will bear fruit."

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