A World War II fighter that was very advanced for its time

A great report showing how a P-51D Mustang was inside and how it worked

The P-51 Mustang is one of the most famous fighters of World War II, and also one of the best of those years.

The unforgettable flight in an old 1944 P-51 Mustang fighter seen from its cockpit
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This aircraft stood out not only for its great speed (it could reach 765 km/h) but also for its great range: up to 2,755 km with external tanks under the wings, which considerably increased its radius of action and the capacity of the squadrons of Allied fighters to escort bombers on their raids over Germany. The P-51D variant, with the famous bubble-shaped cockpit invented by the British, was introduced in late 1943.

Precisely three months ago, the YouTube channel Animagraffs published an excellent report made with 3D computer animation in which it shows how the P-51D was built, what it was like inside and how it worked, including all the functions of its cockpit and equipment. that the pilot had with him. It is surprising how advanced this plane was for its time, and even more so considering that more than 15,000 were built between 1942 and 1945:

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