The vestiges of the more than 2,000 tanks that participated in that battle

The lonely remains of Sherman tanks that fought in the Battle of Normandy

This June 6 marks the 78th anniversary of the start in 1944 of Operation Overlord, more popularly known as the Normandy Landings.

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During the battle that began that day, more than 2,000 Allied tanks fought in Normandy. Many of them did not even land, because they sank before reaching the beaches. It is curious to see that so many years later there are still remains of tanks from that battle in the fields of Normandy, as Mark Felton has shown in an interesting video published today:

You can see below some screenshots from the video, showing these old tanks that stopped forever in 1944. Heading this post we see an M4A1(76)W Sherman, with its barrel shattered.

Another M4A1(76)W, in this case with the barrel severed.

Another M4A1(76)W, with a colorful decoration made by some graffiti artist.

An M4A1 with a smashed turret.

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