Socialists and communists support dictatorships while demonizing Israel

The anti-Semitic stink of the Spanish left: a review of its lies and its double standards

The Spanish left has a serious problem of prejudice against the Jewish people, as it demonstrated again yesterday in the Parliament of Catalonia.

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The false accusations of the Spanish left against Israel

This Thursday, the socialists of the PSOE and their partners on the extreme left (from the communists of Podemos to the radical separatists of the ERC and the CUP) approved a resolution that accuses Israel of committing a "crime of apartheid" against the Palestinian people, accusing that democratic country of "racial segregation" against the Palestinians. Those parties also accuse Israel of "violation of human rights and international law."

That resolution is a successive repetition of the false topics that the anti-Semitic left has been propagating for years. And I say anti-Semitic because anti-Zionism, the disguise that the left now uses to disguise its rejection of Israel, consists of applying criteria to the only Jewish State in the world that are not required of any other State, and even denying the right of that State Jewish to exist, something that is not done with any other country in the world.

Apartheid in Israel? The reality that the left does not explain

Today, in the former territories of the British Mandate of Palestine, where Jews and Arabs lived for centuries, the situation is as follows:

  • Israel: 1.8 million Arabs live in the country, 20% of the population. The Arabs elect their own representatives to the Knesset, Israel's Parliament, where they can speak in Arabic. There are public schools where Jews, Druze and Arabs (both Muslim and Christian) can educate their children in their mother tongue and their own religion. There are also mixed schools.
  • Jordan: There is no longer a single Jew left in the country, despite the fact that Jews have lived in these lands since ancient times, due to pressure from the Muslim majority.
  • Palestinian territories: there is no longer a single Jew left in them, despite the fact that many Jews have lived there since ancient times. The Jews who venture into these territories, even by mere oversight (as has happened to a taxi driver), suffer assaults and lynchings, and are even killed. These territories are divided into two parts: Gaza, subject to the Islamist terrorist group Hamas, and the West Bank, controlled by Fatah. The last elections in those territories were held in 2006.

Of these three territories of what was the British Mandate of Palestine, the only one that bothers the Spanish left is precisely the one in which Jews and Arabs live, and not those from which the Jews have been expelled - and also to a great extent measure the Christians - by the Muslim Arab majority.

The linguistic apartheid that the left supports in Catalonia

That the Spanish anti-Semitic left accuses Israel of "Apartheid" is the height of lies, but that it also launches that accusation from Catalonia is the height of cynicism. And it is that this same left supports in Catalonia a discriminatory regime in which the Spanish-speaking majority does not have the right to send their children to school in their mother tongue, a purely aberrant situation that does not occur in any other democratic country in the world.

Spanish-speakers are also fined if they label their businesses in Spanish, despite being the official language in Catalonia, as is Catalan. Likewise, the separatist regional government systematically disobeys all court rulings that protect the rights of Spanish-speakers, for the sake of linguistic supremacism whose purpose is clearly to eradicate the Spanish language in Catalonia. Spanish-speaking families who have claimed these rights for their children are harassed and threatened, as has been seen very recently. Thus, in Israel there is no Apartheid. It is in Catalonia where there is an Apartheid, and it has the support of that anti-Semitic left.

Not a condemnation against communist or Islamic dictatorships

As regards human rights, it must be remembered that the Parliament of Catalonia has never approved a single resolution condemning a communist dictatorship or an Islamic dictatorship. The left and separatism do not care that communists and Islamists violate the human rights of millions of people in countries like China, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and others. That anti-Semitic left is only bothered by the only Jewish state that exists, which is a democratic country.

A year ago, the PSOE, Podemos and ERC voted against a European condemnation of the repression in Cuba. The socialists and their far-left partners openly support dictatorships like Cuba and maintain cordial relations with China's single party while vilifying, slandering and demonizing a democratic country like Israel.

The Spanish left voted against a condemnation of Nazism and communism

But there is a fact that portrays this anti-Semitic left in an atrocious way. In March 2021, the Congress of Deputies voted a resolution to sign the European condemnation of the crimes of nazism and communism, a condemnation that made express mention of the crimes of genocide perpetrated by those totalitarian regimes, and which was approved by the European Parliament in September 2019. The center and right-wing parties (PP, Vox, Ciudadanos, UPN, Foro Asturias and Coalición Canaria) voted in favour. The Socialists and their far-left allies voted against. Among those who voted against were the PSOE, Podemos, ERC and the CUP, the same ones that yesterday supported that condemnation against Israel, cynically invoking human rights.


Foto: AP Photo/Denis Doyle. An anti-Israel demonstration in Madrid in April 2002.

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